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Biscotts Bakery & Café is a neighborhood hangout in Highland Park Village. It is the unofficial meeting place of Daybreak residents and guest alike. With scrumptious sandwiches, bite-size morsels of sweets and the perfect blend of La Barba Coffee.

At Biscotts we know that getting your caffeine fix isn’t just a way to start the day or stay awake around the dreaded afternoon slump, it is a ritual that people take seriously (yep, even in Utah). So, when it came time to find the perfect barista, we knew we needed someone who would approach coffee as an art.

Meet Your Barista, AJ Pittl

He is your sandwich making, order taking, need anticipating drink master who happens to know his way around the neighborhood garden too!

biscotts bakery

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: I went to Utah State University where I got my BFA in graphic design. I’ve always loved the arts. From painting, to drawing, to print making. Which is why I love to incorporate art into my new job at Biscotts Bakery & Cafe!

Q: What attracted you to becoming a barista?

A: While in college, I managed a little cafe in Logan, UT. And it was by far the best job I had ever had. I loved the coffee shop culture and creating relationships with customers. It was there, where I discovered and cultivated my passion for coffee and latte art! After college, I pursued a typical corporate job and quickly realized that I missed the dynamic of working in a coffee shop.

Being a Daybreak resident, I had frequented Biscotts and loved that I could grab a coffee and relax. But when I saw they had a job opening, I knew I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work there. I left my corporate job, and it was the best decision I could have ever made! I can honestly say now that this is the best job I’ve ever had! 

Q: What’s your favorite menu item at Biscotts Bakery & Cafe?

A:  Definitely the Breakfast Croissanwich! Though little secret, it’s way better when you add some avocado to it!

Q: What’s it like to live and work in the same community?

A:  You’d be surprised how often I am asked this question. Honestly, it’s wonderful! I work close to home and it beats commuting in traffic on I-15 every day! Plus serving coffee and pastries to the community I live in just make it all the better! 

Q: How long have you lived in Daybreak and what is your favorite amenity?

A:  I have lived in Daybreak for two years with my partner and our little puppy. We love walking around the lake and enjoying how beautiful everything is here. And it doesn’t hurt that everyone is so friendly and welcoming!

Brewing: Monday-Saturday 10 AM-6 PM

Address: 6172 W. Lake Avenue South Jordan, UT 84009

Review the updated menu, download here.