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Daybreak is founded upon the knowledge that the decisions we make today will be felt by our children and their children. Now in its fifteenth year, Daybreak is acclaimed as a national model for how to create a place that promotes healthy living, contributes to a strong economy, and enriches everyday lives. A key element, for creating the vibrancy and culture that Daybreak is known for, is the creation of a non-profit entity LiveDAYBREAK.  For more than 10 years, LiveDAYBREAK has woven a tapestry of connection, lifelong learning, arts & diversity, healthy living and philanthropy into Daybreak. And let’s not forget to mention a whole lot of fun!


LiveDAYBREAK, is indeed the heartbeat of the community—providing a variety of opportunities each week for residents to learn, volunteer and connect with one another.


All events, activities and programs in Daybreak focus on at least one of LiveDAYBREAK’s core values:

Connecting: Bringing people together through programs, events, clubs and other opportunities for personal interactions, while encouraging volunteerism and leadership growth.

Lifelong Learning: Supporting and promoting a variety of educational opportunities throughout all stages of life.

Embracing Arts & Diversity: Enriching lives through the cultivation of the arts while appreciating differences within the community.

Healthy Living: Supporting physical and emotional well-being through community events and activities, as well as fostering economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Giving Back: Participating in the betterment of Daybreak and the community at large through volunteerism, service and philanthropic measures.

The founders of Daybreak established a unique funding source to support the activities and events enjoyed by Daybreak residents. This one-time community enhancement fee of ½ of one percent is paid at the time of closing of the transfer of title and serves as a reinvestment back into the neighborhood.

In recent years, these funds have also been used to assist area schools with special projects and to establish a public arts program within Daybreak. Learn more about the community enhancement fee, here.


Daybreak residents have access to a robust yearly calendar of events. Including a summer concert series, Fizz Fest, Lakeside Luau and Bollywood celebration. Explore the LiveDAYBREAK event calendar, here.

If you are new to Daybreak, one event you do not want to miss is the New Resident Social held every other month. This event is open to all residents, whether you just purchased a new or existing home, are a renter or you have been with us for a while. There are representatives from the Daybreak Community Association (HOA), LiveDAYBREAK and Larry H. Miller Real Esatate to help answer your questions and provide you with great information about the community.

Get Involved

Community Clubs: Meet neighbors who share similar interests or learn something new by joining a resident-organized group or club. Explore the variety of community clubs, here.

Volunteer Activities Council: There are dozens of events and activities throughout the year and LiveDAYBREAK is always looking for volunteers to help; whether that is planning the event from the ground up, or just helping the day of. Learn more about volunteer opportunities, here.

Youth Leadership Council: Teens in grades 9-12 from the Daybreak community have an opportunity to focus on developing leadership skills, serving the community and planning events for fellow teens to enjoy. This is a great opportunity to gain valuable skills and even use it as a resume builder for college and jobs. Learn more about the Youth Leadership Council, here.

Community Arts Advisory Council: Daybreak residents are giving the opportunity to work in an advisory capacity to advocate for public art throughout the community. This includes a variety of temporary, semi-temporary and long-term art installation. Learn more about the Community Arts Advisory Council, here.

Get Connected

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