Keeping Daybreak… Daybreak

Daybreak is a master planned community. That is to say, it’s a community in which things like architecture, landscaping, and amenities haven’t been left to the whims of chance but have been carefully designed to maintain value and quality of life for the people who live here. The purpose of the Daybreak Community Association is to make sure that the community continues to live up to its unique, original vision.

To this end, the association is responsible for the ongoing maintenance, improvement, preservation and administration of Daybreak’s amenities and common areas, as well as the enforcement of a set of architectural standards and other regulations intended to preserve the character of the community. Part of your Daybreak homeowner fee provides the funding for these activities. The association is guided by a board of directors, with regular input from residents. The board is currently comprised of both Daybreak Communities (developer) and resident board members. Over time, as the community grows, the board will transition to being fully comprised of residents.

To learn more about the Daybreak Community Association, please call or visit:

11274 S. Kestrel Rise Rd., Ste. F
Phone: 801-254-8062
Fax: 801-254-3240
Hours: Mon – Fri 8a – 5p, Thur 8a – 6p