New to Daybreak and have a question on your mind? There’s a good chance you’ll find the answer here. If not, check out the LiveDAYBREAK website or call 801-446-9022.


How do I register my kids for school?

It’s easy. If your kids are kindergarten through 6th grade, just walk over to your nearest elementary school — either Daybreak Elementary or Eastlake Elementary — and talk with the school secretary.

For middle schoolers (grades 7-9), head over to Copper Mountain Middle School at 12106 Anthem Park Blvd. in Herriman. Daybreak’s high school students attend Herriman High School at 11917 S. 6000W in Herriman. For more information about enrollment, click here.

Also, parents have additional neighborhood school choices in Daybreak: Early Light Academy, a K-through-9 public charter school; and the American Academy of Innovation, a public charter for students in grades 6 through 12. To put your child on the waiting list for enrollment in Early Light Academy, call 801-302-5988 or go to the school website. To put your child on the waiting list for enrollment in the American Academy of Innovation, call 801-810-4786 or go to the school website.

Please know that school boundaries are subject to change at any time. For the latest information about the Jordan School District, click here.


How do I reserve a community garden plot?

A nominal fee and a quick visit to the Community Association Office will get you a plot in one of Daybreak’s fabulous community gardens. But hurry; the plots go fast! Renewing community gardeners can begin reserving their plots in March. New gardeners can reserve plots starting April. To find a community garden location near your home, click here.


Can I fish in Oquirrh Lake?

Yes, but if you’re age 12 or older you’ll need a valid Utah State fishing license. The lake has been stocked with trout, bluegill, channel catfish and largemouth bass. Just make sure you stay within the designated fishing areas — some of our landscaping is fragile.


Can I swim in Oquirrh Lake?

Unless you’re competing in the annual Daybreak Triathlon, swimming and wading are not allowed in Oquirrh Lake due to the effect this would have on the water quality and ecosystem of the lake. Also because we want to avoid any unfortunate encounters with the large prehistoric creature that is reputed to live in these waters. Just kidding.


How do I borrow a canoe or sail boat?

Watercraft are available for Daybreak residents to check out during the summer. Just take your Daybreak ID card to the boat ramp on the west side of Oquirrh Lake. The Harbor Master will be happy to lend you a boat. (That’s right, you now live in a place that has a Harbor Master.)


When are the swimming pools open?

The Eastlake Swimming Pool (10761 Indigo Sky Way), Brookside Pool (10304 Fish Hook Road) and the Splash Pool (11428 S Kestrel Rise Road) are open daily between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. You’ll find the specific hours for lap swimming, open plunge and so forth at the LiveDAYBREAK website.


What are the hours and locations of Daybreak’s parks?

There are so many parks in Daybreak, it would be kind of silly to list them all on this page. But every park is open daily from sunrise to sunset. To see the list of parks, with locations and features, click here.


How do I reserve a pavilion for an event?

Three of Daybreak’s parks include pavilions that can be reserved for private events: Founder’s Park, Firmont Park and Bowery Park. To reserve a pavilion, visit the Daybreak Community Center. A $50 refundable deposit is required.


Are there any rules I need to know about the walking/biking trails?

Trails in Daybreak are designed specifically for pedestrians and bikers. Motorized vehicles are not allowed. Dogs, on the other hand, are not only allowed on the trails, they are welcomed. They just need to be on-leash at all times. We also expect dog owners to clean up after their pets. Who’s a good boy?


Who do I call if I have a problem with my home?

For warranty work on your home, please call your homebuilder. Issues with power, gas, water or sewer should be directed to the appropriate utility company. For home repairs outside of the warranty period, please contact an independent contractor. For issues affecting multiple residential dwellings in a multi-family home, contact the Community Association at 801-254-8062.


Are residents allowed to hold block parties?

You bet they are! Our view of neighborhood parties is: the more, the merrier. You can even block off your street for the party, but not until you’ve gotten permission from the Daybreak Community Association (801-254-8062) and the City of South Jordan. So do a little planning, make a couple of phone calls and get that party started!


Where do I park my boat or camper?

Daybreak has a storage area where residents can park their boats and RVs. Call Daybreak RV Storage at 801-685-4230 to check for availability. In Daybreak, permanent storage of recreational vehicles is prohibited on streets or in driveways. That’s part of how we keep Daybreak beautiful and keep the streets easily navigable for emergency vehicles.


What are the rules for on-street parking during winter conditions?

South Jordan City enforces alternate parking for 72 hours after a snowstorm has accumulated one or more inches on the streets. On odd-numbered calendar days, park on the side of the street with odd-numbered addresses. On even-numbered calendar days, park on the side of the street with even-numbered addresses. Cars must be moved by 8 AM each morning.


Can I put up a satellite dish?

Satellite dishes can be installed in Daybreak with prior approval from the Daybreak Community Association office: 801-254-8062.


I have heard that parts of Daybreak were remediated from former mining uses. What is the process for that work?

A portion of the Daybreak property had once been impacted by historic mining activities, which led to a period of remediation, restoration and reclamation through the mid-2000s. The process was intensive and thorough. For more information about Daybreak’s environmental history and ongoing sustainability practices, click here.


Who oversees the maintenance of Oquirrh Lake? What are the future plans for the lake?

Oquirrh Lake is currently owned and maintained by Daybreak Communities, which means that it is considered private property. The trail system and parks around the lake, however, are open to the public. The HOA maintains a boat checkout amenity exclusively for Daybreak residents. Residents who want to use their own watercraft on the lake must register them with the HOA and obtain an annual permit. In the future, the ownership and maintenance of the lake will transition from the developer to an organization such as the Daybreak HOA, or possibly to an ownership group such as the City of South Jordan and the Daybreak HOA.


How do I contact the Daybreak HOA?

The Community Association office is located right on SoDa Row at 11274 S. Kestrel Rise Rd., Ste. F.
Hours: Mon – Fri 8a – 5p, Thur 8a – 6p
After-hours emergency: 800.274.3165