Perfectly Smart

Many parents will drive over hill and through high water to get their children to a good school. We think that’s very commendable. But we prefer that it be unnecessary. That’s why one of the first things to get built in Daybreak was a neighborhood school, in fact one of the excellent public schools that South Jordan is known for. And it’s why, since then, that six other schools — public, private and charter — have popped up in Daybreak. With another planned in the not-too-distant future. Because if there’s one thing smarter than a good school, it’s a good-and-close school.

Golden Fields Elementary in Creekside Village

Golden Fields Elementary

Creekside Village

This public elementary school focuses on best practices for Tier 1 instruction. Which includes constant feedback, promoting learning with deep questions, and interventions for students on all levels. Students learn how to build appropriate relationships, take ownership of their learning, and feel the value of accomplishing tough challenges.

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Eastlake Elementary in Eastlake Village

Eastlake Elementary

Eastlake Village

Every classroom in this K-6 public school has large windows with inspiring views of the surrounding neighborhood. But what’s truly inspirational is what’s going on inside. Beginning with the three areas of focus: Literacy, Numeracy and Arts Integration. Innovative programs such as Leader in Me and Meet the Masters. And one of only eight Mandarin Chinese immersion programs in the Jordan School District.

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Daybreak Elementary in Founders Park

Daybreak Elementary

Founders Park

Part of the acclaimed Jordan School District, this innovative K-6 elementary focuses on Literacy, Writing and Language Arts. It offers the chance to learn in a cutting-edge facility combining community-enclosed classrooms with the latest technologies. And connected to the Daybreak Community Center with its fitness and recreational features, the school introduces kids to Daybreak’s idea of fun, healthy living.

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American Academy Innovation in Heights Park

American Academy Innovation

Creekside Village

A charter school for grades 6 through 12, the academy offers a unique program that combines experiential learning with technical education, 21st-century skills and mentoring with international university partners. The Academy identifies the specific learning style of individual students, then uses methods best suited to each student’s individual strengths. Graduates find themselves fully equipped to succeed in college and beyond.

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Early Light Academy in South Station

Early Light Academy

South Station

A K-9 public charter school, Early Light was launched by a group of Daybreak residents to provide a liberal arts education with an emphasis on history. Not the old, conventional notion of history, but a perspective that reveals the interconnectedness of people and ideas. Put this together with fine arts integration and you get students with excellent critical thinking skills and the ability to express themselves.

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Right Start Kids Academy in Soda Row

Right Start Kids Academy

Soda Row

Located in the Black Diamond Sports Center in SoDa Row, Daybreak’s Right Start Kids Academy offers academic enrichment and tutoring at the preschool and kindergarten level. Right Start focuses on developing the whole child with a proven curriculum and activity classes, including a Spanish immersion program and after-school activities.

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Daybreak Academy in Soda Row

Daybreak Academy

Soda Row

A private school and daycare alternative, Daybreak Academy exposes preschool through third-grade students to a broad range of subjects and activities. Math and science. Fine arts such as stop-motion animation and musical theater. Karate and basic equestrian. Organic gardening. And not just how to use a computer but how to write code.

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