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What's Happening

“The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you…'” -Dan Rather

That moment when you realize that someone believes in your dreams can be life changing. Last week the South Jordan Chamber of Commerce recognized teachers in South Jordan who are currently inspiring the future to dream big and achieve their goals.
Three teachers from schools located in Daybreak were recognized at the event.
Kristen Wilcox a first-grade teacher from Daybreak Elementary was honored for striving to make a difference.
daybreak teacher
Daybreak Elementary Principal, Doree Strauss, said the following about Kristen. “She is patient, caring and kind. She always puts others first. An example of this is that she personally asks for the students that are the most difficult, who have special needs and issues so that she might have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives.”
Dionne Tarpenning a fifth-grade teacher from Early Light Academy was recognized for being a master at content integration and skillfully weaving language arts and writing, history and social studies, music and dance, and much more together in such a way that learning flows and builds, rather than staying compartmentalized and disjointed.
Early light academy teacher
“Dionne understand the role movement and physical fitness play in academic learning and provides her students with ample opportunities to move during lessons as well as dedicated time to running, walking and moving outside,” said Wade Glather, Early Light Academy Principal.  “She knows that when her students are physically active, they are better prepared to learn and are happier in the classroom.”
Brandy Rollins a third-grade teacher from Eastlake Elementary was recognized as well. Rollins has been an integral part in helping with the Chinese Immersion program that the school offers.
We are thrilled to extend our thanks to these great teachers who go above and beyond for the children in our community.