What's Happening

American Academy of Innovation (AAI), a public charter school located in Daybreak, recently announced a partnership with CHOICE Humanitarian, a non-profit organization that focuses on sustainable development in seven impoverished countries. This partnership allows students to participate in real-world projects and refine their skill set using the CHOICE Model of Leadership Development.
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American Academy of Innovation

AAI offers students in grades 6-12 a blended academic program using project-based learning and Career & Technological Education (CTE) courses to develop skills that prepare students for success in the global market-place.

Rather than simply memorize facts or learning to successfully take tests, AAI teach students how to:

  • Think, both critically and creatively
  • Collaborate, both as leaders and as part of a team
  • Communicate, both in speaking and in writing
  • Be technically literate – not only to be familiar with what technology is but also how to select the right tech-based tools to solve specific problems
  • Research a subject or a problem thoroughly
  • Take initiative and direct their own learning
  • Interact with mentors, teachers, and business leaders to learn about how to be successful in an ever-changing and exciting world

Learn more about the educational philosophy at AAI.