What's Happening

School is now in session at the new charter school located in Daybreak’s Creekside Village. The American Academy of Innovation (AAI), a tuition-free, public charter school opened its doors this Fall to students in grades 6-12.
American Academy of Innovation
AAI has the vision to empower the individual mind to improve the world. Offering a unique blend of a strong academic program using project-based learning combined with Career and Technological Education (CTE) courses, AAI helps students to develop 21st Century Skills. The school leverages international partnerships with businesses and universities to prepare students for success in the global marketplace.
“The world is changing, and education needs to keep up,” said AAI director Scott Jones, a 17-year veteran of charter school administration. “AAI is uniquely positioned to prepare students for success in the real world–to help them become leaders, problem solvers and entrepreneurs.”
The new school in Creekside Village is exciting news for current and future Daybreak residents and is an important step in the process of creating additional walkable neighborhood schools within the community.
The proximity of home and school integrated into a tight-knit community also promotes an increase in parental involvement at school. It is easy for parents to volunteer in classrooms, participate in special programs and engage in a healthy dialogue with school staff when schools are located within walking distance of home.
AAI is still accepting new students. Prospective students are welcome to come tour the school and observe classes. Call 801-810-4786 for more details or the schedule a tour.
Learn more at www.aaiutah.org.