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Since the opening of Daybreak 11 years ago, Daybreak has consistently ranked as the top selling new home community in Utah. The mixture of businesses, parks, shops, restaurants, schools, architecture and beautiful energy-efficient homes sets Daybreak apart. This distinction of a smarter, healthier way of thinking about community has helped foster a vibrant community with more than 14,000 residents and recently the 4,000th new home purchased.
KLC Rio Tinto
In fact, about one out of every six new homes sold in the Salt Lake Valley is in Daybreak. During the third quarter of 2015, Daybreak homebuilders have maintained their dominance in the market. South Jordan reported 283 home sales (new and existing) for the quarter and 115 of those were new home sales in Daybreak. Year-to-date Daybreak has seen a 20% increase in new home purchases compared to 2014. At completion, Daybreak will have approximately 20,000 homes.
Brent and Marina Draper are the 4,000th homeowners to purchase a new home in Daybreak. But this isn’t their first time living at Daybreak, the Draper’s have lived in a condo in Founders’ Park Village for several years. While they loved living in their condo, they longed for a larger home. They started their home search by casting a wide net looking at homes all over Salt Lake and Utah County with a local real estate professional.
At the top of their wish list? A brand-new home with views of the mountains, a home to entertain in—after all Marina is from Brazil—close to shops & restaurants and modern architecture.
After looking at homes outside of Daybreak and not finding anything they liked, they decided to take a tour of a quick-move-in home overlooking Oquirrh Lake built by Destination Homes.
“We weren’t expecting anything great, since we had looked at so many homes” said Marina. “But as soon as we walked in, we both knew that this was our new home.”
The Sweet Retreat floor plan built by Destination Homes has an open concept floorplan that features 5 bedrooms between the main and upper floors with the master bedroom on the main floor.
“The home was built ready for us,” said Brent. “The builder did a great job of selecting interior finishes and colors. If we were to have picked every detail of the home, it probably wouldn’t have turned out as good. And by purchasing a quick-move-in home we didn’t have to wait to move in.”
The Draper’s both love their view of the lake and seeing all of the wild life and nature near their home. “There is always something to do and explore at Daybreak,” said Marina. “We have lived all over the place [including Brazil and five different States since being married], but Daybreak is home.”