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What's Happening

Daybreak is a living, breathing community. Which means it’s also an ever-evolving story. Which means it’s the perfect subject for a blog.
The blog gives you a new way to stay informed about Daybreak. And it gives us a spontaneous, efficient way to keep you informed. So when a new restaurant comes to SoDa Row, or a new park gets finished, or one of our builders creates a new home collection, this is where you’ll probably hear about it first.
But we also plan to explore other topics — such as green living and architecture — and post stories from Daybreak residents. So check back often. Eventually you’ll find everything from interesting snippets to the deeper discussions that we can’t get into with, say, a newsletter or an eblast.
Which reminds us: is there something about Daybreak that you’d like to know more about? If so, send an email to We can’t promise to address everybody’s questions and story ideas, but we’ll do our best.