What's Happening

Finally, the signs of spring and approaching summer are appearing around Daybreak. You can start to see runners on the trails, people grabbing breakfast at SoDa Row, kids playing in the parks, and kayakers dropping their boats into the cool water.
Yes, longer days, warmer weather are coming. So are community gardens, blooming flowers, swimming, live music, and Daybreak’s annual Garden Affair.
Martha Stewart recently tweeted: “The vegetable & flower seedlings in the greenhouse are doing great!” Her staff has already planted seedlings in the greenhouse, but don’t worry if you haven’t yet. You can start planning your garden now.
You don’t have to be Martha Stewart or have a staff of gardeners to start growing things. We’ll help. Get tips and have a good time meeting your neighbors at the annual Garden Affair on Saturday, April 27th from 8am-1pm at the Daybreak Community Center.
Here’s what you can do at Daybreak’s Garden Affair:

  • Get free breakfast, starting at 9am.
  • Visit local vendors for outdoor products and gardening tips.
  • Attend a free “how-to” class on topics such as water conservation, gardening, painting, home maintenance, tree planting, and interior design.
  • Join in fun, hands-on activities for children.

Watch our Facebook page for more details. If you already live here, and you have any landscaping plans that need approval, such as landscaping plans, paint color for exterior painting, or adding a fence, be sure to schedule an appointment with the Design Review Committee. There is a $15 fee if you make an appointment and $25 for walk-ins the day of the event. To schedule a design review appointment, please email CJ at cjcandilora@ccmcnet.com.
One of the features people love about Daybreak is the community gardens. If you plan to rent a plot this year, you can start growing seedlings indoors now. In Utah, you can plant hardy vegetables such as peas, onions, radishes, spinach, broccoli, turnips, and rhubarb, after the last frost (usually April or May).
There are several hundred garden plots throughout the community, and its a great way to meet new friends and swap ideas or even tomatoes for squash. And best of all, in a few months, you’ll get a nice reward. Sitting by the pool, walking around in flip flops and shorts, the cool weather will be a long distant memory. Instead, you’ll be thinking how you’ll prepare the produce you grew for a fresh, delicious, and healthy meal.