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The weather in Utah has a chill in the air, which means that Old Man Winter will soon be here. Strong winds, below freezing temperatures and Utah’s world famous snow will be wreaking havoc on your utility bill, not to mention the overall comfort in your home.  Daybreak offers superior energy efficient homes that are built to meet or exceed the Energy Star 3.0 standards offering a thermal barrier against harsh winter conditions which cuts down on energy bills and provides maximum comfort in every room of the house.
080204ER-KLC-0161fSo why are new homes in Daybreak so much more efficient than other new homes? It comes down to two things. First, Daybreak is 100% committed to the EPA’s energy efficiency standard, Energy Star 3.0. And every new home in Daybreak is independently tested and certified using the Home Energy Rating System (or HERS), so you know exactly how efficient your home is. The HERS score that each home receives is similar to a Miles Per Gallon rating on a new car. It provides a way for a home buyer to compare the energy efficiency of two homes. When you visit any new home sales office, be sure to ask the sales associate what the HERS scores are of the homes they build.
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An energy-efficient home provides durability, affordability and comfort.  All homes in Daybreak are built to be at least 15% more efficient than other homes built to code in Utah. However, in Daybreak we take efficiency one step further, the average new home in Daybreak is 20-30% more efficient than the average new home outside of Daybreak, saving you anywhere from $600 to over $1,500 every year.
All ENERGY STAR certified homes in Daybreak include:

Thermal Enclosure System

Closed-cell, sprayed-in foam insulation, comprehensive air sealing and high-performing energy-efficient windows work together to create a complete thermal enclosure that maximizes comfort, improves durability and in turn reduces maintenance cost and produces lower utility bills.

Heating and Cooling System

Indoor air quality is improved with the installation of high-efficiency heating a cooling systems. These systems also operate quieter, control moisture better and deliver comfort by keeping temperatures inside the house more constant.
Often times homes that aren’t built to Energy Star 3.0 standards have HVAC units that aren’t the right size to properly heat or cool your home. This in turn cost more money in utility bills, overworks the HVAC system causing the need for repairs sooner and impacts the comfort of your home.

Water Management System

Energy Star 3.0 standards also include the usage of best building practices to protect roofs, walls and foundations from water damage.

Energy-efficient Lighting and Appliances

The lighting and appliances used within your home are just as important as the building materials used. All Daybreak homes use Energy Star certified lighting and appliances (where applicable). This helps reduce utility cost.

Third-party Verification

Daybreak buyers, purchase their new home with confidence knowing that it has been built to the Energy Star 3.0 specifications and it has also been fully inspected, performance-tested and certified by a third-party energy rating firm.
Don’t be stuck spending more than you need to for long-term durability, affordability and comfort. Come out to Daybreak and take a tour of any of our model homes,  our builders would be happy to show you the tangible benefits of a home built to Energy Star 3.0 specifications.