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Here in Daybreak there are so many home options. We offer everything from large single-family homes, to smaller starter homes, to town homes. We even have an active-adult community (55+)! And just like the variety of our home plans, our residents have so many different tastes and styles. Today we are excited to share the Carlson’s home with you. Their adorable home is filled with super-hip, colorful, modern decor that you are sure to enjoy.
It was such fun to photograph the Carlson’s home. Behind every door was another pleasant surprise. So many amazing colors and textures!

The Carlson’s are an active couple with three little ones (well, maybe they aren’t so little anymore). They have lived in Daybreak for about 8 years. As some of the first residents here, they have watched the community develop. The Carlsons enjoy paddle boarding on the lake, running on the trail system, and participating in all the many community activities. The Carlson kids attend the charter school in Daybreak and say they love it there, which is saying a lot coming from a fourth grader.

When decorating their new home, the Carlsons decided on a colorful, modern design. It’s easy-going, interesting, and fun all at the same time. They customized their lighting fixtures throughout for amazing impact. Read more about the difference lighting fixtures can make.
Someday the Carlsons plan to install an amazing tile back splash, but until then, they will be creative and decorate behind the stove with a beautiful fabric stretched over canvas. (Remember: the Kirklands did something similar behind their stove). This is an easy and affordable DIY project for any room in your home!
To get this modern, clean, yet colorful look, the Carlsons add color and interest with well-placed accessories.
Just a few high-impact pieces make a huge difference. Take this print for example. It was an investment for the Carlson’s, but it really defines the space. When decorating, if you can start with a “defining piece” you will have an easier time pulling your space together.
Speaking of high-impact pieces, this gorgeous couch is a family heirloom (it is now anyway). They took their Grandfather’s old couch and had it reupholstered and now it is an incredible statement piece!
Amazing windows let in lots of light and add to the airy feeling of the home.
One of the keys to a modern look is simplicity. The Carlsons feel like less is more. Clean lines, open space and simple structures make this home feel clean and bright.
Believe it or not, the Carlson’s basement is just as fabulous as the main level. The great thing about building your own home, is that you can finish the basement yourself.
Speaking of awesome DIY projects, this piano used to be an old, brown, broken-down, obviously second-hand piano. But that was before they did some repairs and coated it with this lovely high-gloss chartreuse paint. Now it’s a masterpiece. Not to mention a conversation-starter.
The Carlson’s opted for a stained concrete floor when finishing their basement. It has a lovely glossy minimalist feel that works perfectly with their modern decor.
Keeping a simple color palette with fun pops of color really adds to the modern feel. It’s sophisticated and family-friendly.
We love this creative way to organize remote controls. Fill a shallow glass dish with white beans and you have a lovely place for your remotes, and a fragrant candle.
The Carlsons chose furniture with simple lines and sleek design for this space. Then they accessorized the space with some cozy, colorful pillows and a patterned throw.
This simple stainless-steel topped table is the perfect place for the kids to play a board game.
The Carlsons splurged on this incredible gas fireplace with glass stones on the bottom. It’s just the thing to cozy up the room while keeping with the minimalist design.
This modern tile wall treatment is the perfect surround for the perfect fireplace.
This rug is one of the Carlson’s favorite things. If you look closely, you can see that is says, “family.”
What could be more hip that a succulent garden under the stairs? These stark white cube planters are just the thing. Bringing nature in is always a good idea, when in a modern design.
Welcome to Courtney’s colorful and fun home office.

Creative and trendy decor make this room fun and inviting.

Mixing patterns and colors works when you keep the overall collection minimal.

Thanks Carlsons! We loved this peek inside your beautiful home.