What's Happening

Daybreak is dedicated to great design. We see every design decision as an opportunity to enrich people’s lives. To create something so beautiful and so smart that it actually changes your day for the better.
Take for instance the front porch. A properly designed front porch stimulates conversation, inspires neighborliness and looks immeasurably better than a garage. That’s why almost every home in Daybreak has one.
North Lake- Kennecott Land 8_2008
Now let’s add variety. Architectural variety is the cornerstone of Daybreak’s design philosophy. It makes the simple act of walking down the street a joy. And lets each home fulfill its most important role: to reflect the personality of the family who lives there.
Let’s not forget about authenticity. You may not be able to name the elements of Craftsman or Victorian or contemporary architecture. But you can tell when a home has it right…and when it doesn’t. It’s like the difference between a homemade cupcake and a Twinkie.
Daybreak doesn’t just stop with details in the architecture of the homes, it is also included in everything that you see around you. Take for instance the parks in Daybreak–they are alot more than a big stretch of grass and a scattering of trees. In Daybreak, we use design to make every moment you spend out in the community a rich visual experience.
Kennecott Land Fall 2007
So say goodbye to subdivisions without soul, and move to Daybreak where design is everything.