What's Happening

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A note from the Daybreak Community Association regarding the reactivation of the secondary water system:

On July 26, 2016, we notified the community that the Secondary Water system had been reactivated after a nine (9) day shutdown due to concerns over potential water quality issues associated with the Utah Lake Algae bloom. Oquirrh Lake was reopened and a special landscape treatment program was implemented to help revive the hardest hit parks and open space areas, such as Brookside park and soccer field, select areas of Eastlake Promenade and the 104th entrance and medians. We are starting to see the first signs of recovery in these areas.
In addition, the Daybreak Community Association has been working closely with landscape contractors to increase watering times in an effort to assist with the revitalization of all the affected common areas and landscaping including parks, trees, and common area park strips.  Again, we are starting to see some progress in these areas but with the hot temperatures, it will take some time to achieve full recovery. Along with the new growth, you may also notice weeds developing in some of the turf. Under the current stressed condition, regular weed treatments cannot yet be applied. In the interim, the landscape contractors are hand weeding specific areas where doing so is deemed effective and practical. It is anticipated that the scheduled weed treatments can resume within the next four weeks. At that point, the regrowth of the turf will receive the next round of fertilization treatments.
This diligent effort coupled with the expected cooler temperatures in the coming days will assist with the regeneration of the impacted areas. We appreciate your continued patience while we work through this process. Residents may contact the Daybreak Community Association at 801-254-8062 with any questions.


The Daybreak Community Association