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Looking to add some new life to your home design this year? Our friends at Realtor.com just released their list of the top ten trends for interiors that are OVER for 2017. Read on to retire a few Pinterest boards and impress your friends by staying ahead of the design game.
Here’s their top five…
Interior Design Trends That Are So Completely Over
Faux Mid-Century Modern
“After basking for many years in the limelight as retro cool, nostalgic Mid-Century Modern design might be on the verge of seeming, ironically enough, downright outdated.”
Photo by Blake Civiello Architecture
“After four shiplap-crazy seasons, the trend has to go. If you’ve ever wondered what 2016’s version of tacky wood paneling would be, look no further than this trend that seems to have overtaken TV design shows.”

Photo by W Dylan Gilliam

Photo by W Dylan Gilliam

Barn Door Sliders
“There was a good reason for the barn door madness: Not every hallway has space for a swinging door, and if you were trying to stuff a laundry room into a tight spot, barn doors were an easy solution. (Plus, they’re cuter than a pocket door.)
But you guessed it: What was once cute and clever is now tacky and outdated.”
Photo by Cornerstone Architects

Photo by Cornerstone Architects

White-on-White Kitchens
“White’s not entirely going the way of the dinosaurs. But homeowners will see “more depth and tones coming into kitchens,” Chiarilli says. Think darker cabinets, backsplashes with “pop and wow,” and contrasting floors.”
Photo by Stoneham Kitchens

Photo by Stoneham Kitchens

“Copper has been DIYers’ favorite metal for some time now…but [it] just isn’t as timeless as other metals, and our experts predict you’ll be seeing less of it in 2017.
There’s nothing wrong with continuing to experiment with the metal (although we wouldn’t recommend your running out and buying copper fixtures for your kitchen). Just remember that any trend is best used in moderation.”
Photo by Bloomingdale’s

Photo by Bloomingdale’s

Doom’s also predicted for the color gray and Carrara marble! Read the full article here.