What's Happening

It’s not every day you find a herd of dancing dinosaurs jamming out to songs blaring from a retrofitted mini-school bus, but that’s just what happened at Daybreak this weekend thanks to our friends at LiveDAYBREAK.

“This was a ton of fun and with everything going on, our team wanted to take a party to the people but wanted to follow the social distancing guidelines,” shared LiveDAYBREAK Marketing Manager Robert Stroud.

Thanks to ABC4 Utah for covering the (pre)historic story with our dancing dinosaurs.


Now in its fifteenth year, Daybreak is acclaimed as a national model for how to create a place that promotes healthy living, contributes to a strong economy, and enriches everyday lives. A key element, for creating the vibrancy and culture that Daybreak is known for, is the creation of a non-profit entity LiveDAYBREAK.  For more than 10 years, LiveDAYBREAK has woven a tapestry of connection, lifelong learning, arts & diversity, healthy living and philanthropy into Daybreak. And let’s not forget to mention a whole lot of fun, like the dancing dinosaurs!

LiveDAYBREAK, is indeed the heartbeat of the community—providing a variety of opportunities each week for residents to learn, volunteer and connect with one another.

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