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Come learn about gardening and have a little fun with LiveDAYBREAK at the annual Ladybug Festival! Participants will have the opportunity to purchase containers of ladybugs to release into the community garden plots or to take home for releasing in personal gardens.
Ladybugs play an important part in the garden ecosystem helping to create delicious and healthy foods! In fact, Ladybugs help control pesky aphids that feed on plants and are a safe alternative to pesticides. Last year during this event more than 200,000 ladybugs, 10,000 worms and 500 butterflies were released in the community.
Ladybug Festival
A professional apiarist will also be in attendance to teach about the importance of pollinators. Daybreak is home to an estimated 4.5 million honey bees. About 25% of Daybreak is currently developed, which leaves plenty of open fields to support the honey bee population that arrives in hives each spring and are attended to by professional apiarists.  The hope is that the bees will thrive in an environment where they can pollinate the flowers in the yards, buzz through the parks and along the trails, and visit the blossoms on the trees and vegetables in the community gardens and adjacent family farms.
Daybreak Honey is available locally at Swirly Girls located on SoDa Row and at Biscotts Bakery & Café located at the Hub in Upper Villages.
Ladybug Festival
Mark your calendars to join LiveDAYBREAK at the Eastlake Community Garden area for a fun afternoon of games, activities, balloons and so much more on May 19th! Learn more about the Ladybug Festival.
Check out the highlights from Ladybug Festival 2017!

Community Garden Plot Reservation
If you are a Daybreak resident and would like to reserve a garden lot, please contact the Daybreak Community Association. Office hours are Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, (801) 254-8062. Plots are selected on a first come, first serve basis. Learn more about Community Garden Plots.