What's Happening

We are excited to announce San Gelato is changing their name to Café Bella Rue, European Bistro. Same place, great tastes with a new name!

Café Bella Rue embraces the traditions of European cafes where life slows for family and friends to gather and enjoy great food and tasty treats. When customers step into the upscale bistro they are thrilled to discover and taste Café Bella Rue’s 34 flavors of award-winning artisan Gelato and Sorbetto.  Café Bella Rue’s hand crafted Euro-fusion Panini, are considered some of the best sandwiches in Utah.  Many patrons just relax on the soft leather sofas that surround the 20 foot stone fireplace sipping Italian hot chocolate or savoring one of café’s many hot or chilled espresso beverages.
Here’s an In-Sider tip:  There are lots of yummy treats, but if you want an incredible taste sensation try the Mardi Gras Festivto ™, just one of Café Bella Rue’s fun festive signature gelato desserts.

Robert Avery, owner, gives us his insider scoop on the name change and update:
– European Cafe: We have broadened the restaurant’s theme from Italian to European.  This allows us to easily expand the scoop of our menu as needed.  Even the name of the café is a combination of Italian and French words.
CafeBellaRue.com New website: robust website that is upscale and will feature our menu and allow for on-line ordering.  You can check out the site at cafebellarue.com.  The site is completely finished except for uploading a few additional images.

– Online Ordering : Customers and businesses will now be able to easily place orders on-line and set an immediate pick-up time or one that is out into the future.  The ordering software is efficient and provides all the detail on each order to make sure its been placed correctly.  The ordering system allows admins, individuals or office buddies to easily place group orders.  Office buddies can place one group order and what’s convenient is that that can each pay separately.  Admins can manage the entire order or start the order and then invite the lunch participates to select their own lunch.

– Box Lunches: These are ideal for business lunches or for any person looking for a simple but complete lunch.
– New menu boards: Instead of having the black daily special board and our main menu board most of our menu items will appear on the main menu.  This will make ordering much easier and bring awareness to great food items that many customers currently overlook.  We are eliminating a few non-selling sandwiches while introducing two new sandwiches.  The Tomato Mozzarella served on focaccia bread is not only tasty but will provide a second sandwich option for our vegetarian customers.   The other new sandwich will be our Italian Bistro Sub which is loaded with three meats and served on ciabotta bread.   We believe both sandwiches will be a hit and what’s interesting that both have already been the on-line ordering favorites.

– The ONLY Soft Serve Gelato in the region: We will sell the soft serve gelato separately on its own but primarily it will be part of our new gelato dessert sensations that we are calling Festivos.  It is our intent to make Festivos our signature dessert and synonymous with Café Bella Rue.   Festivo means fun and festive in Italian and will be a combination of our traditional and soft serve gelato mixed with other tasty items to create this new dessert.   The names of three of our Festivos are, Mardi Gras, Chocolate Trifle and Strawberry Boba Swirl.  They will cost between $4.50 and $6.50.  The lower cost of the soft serve gelato makes it possible to create these affordable ice cream treats.

– Affogato Shots: This is Tahitian Vanilla gelato served in a shot glass or coffee cup with a shot of espresso poured over the gelato.   This is a European favorite that we think our customers will love.
– Steamers: We will prepare our steamers with milk steamed by our espresso machine and then flavored.  The Irish Cream Steamer is my favorite.
– Gluten-free options: Recently improved the quality of our products with the introduction of Eleanor’s home-style gluten-free bread.  Her bread is so good that I prefer her gluten-free over most other breads.  Eleanor will also provide us with cookies, brownies and cupcakes.   Of course all of our salads and most of our gelato and all of our Sorbetto are gluten-free so this makes our café the perfect gluten-free restaurant.
Please come by and see for yourself the new updates, we think you’ll like Cafe Bella Rue!
Editors Note: Kathy Dalton is a consultant to Daybreak and the author of The Danish Mama Blog. She is also the CEO of Little Stinker, a natural products company focussed on childrens products.