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What's Happening

On July 17, 2016, residents were notified that the Daybreak [Secondary] Water Company temporarily shut down the secondary irrigation system servicing the parks/common areas and community gardens. This proactive measure has proven to be effective, as the Salt Lake County Health Department water tests have revealed the Secondary Water system has not been compromised by the blue green toxic algae.
As noted in the July 21st communication, South Jordan City was able to provide a limited use culinary connection. While this culinary connection helped to reduce the potential loss of trees and vegetation, the landscaping was stressed and browning of the turf occurred. Now that the secondary water has been deemed safe, the Daybreak Water Company is working to restore full operations. This means that normal watering cycles will resume for all common areas, community gardens and additional watering cycles will be added to help revive common areas showing stress. One area in particular, the Brookside Soccer Field, has been significantly impacted and will need to be closed for approximately two weeks. This closure will allow the time needed for special treatments and watering cycles to revitalize the turf in that area.
Usage of Oquirrh Lake, including boating and fishing will resume as of today (7/26/16). Community gardeners may also resume normal usage of the irrigation system at this time.
We would like to thank our residents for their support and patience while this county-wide water issue was resolved. Your continued support during our landscape revitalization process is also greatly appreciated. Additionally, we would like to extend our appreciation to South Jordan City for its quick response in providing the temporary culinary water connection.
Should you have any questions regarding the impacts from the blue green algae, please contact the Salt Lake County Health Department at 385-468-4100. Please contact the Daybreak Community Association office at 801-254-8062 with questions regarding Daybreak resident lake operations or common area concerns.
The Daybreak Community Association