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What's Happening

Moving to Daybreak wasn’t a hard decision when Jeffrey Wright and Bryce Abplanalp started looking for a new home. They had lived in Sugar House but were looking for a place that they could expand their family and really become part of a neighborhood.

“We’ve been big fans of Daybreak since the beginning,” they shared. “As our family grew, we knew this was the place we wanted to be and have our kids grow up.”

Not long after moving to the Lake Village and becoming Daybreak residents, Jeffrey and Bryce were able to grow their family through surrogacy—welcoming Ridge and Rue. Now almost one, the twins are taking full advantage of exploring Daybreak with their parents.

“We love that as our kids grow, they can explore all that Daybreak has to offer—from the parks to the lake to the beaches,” they shared.

Outdoor Lifestyle for Daybreak Residents

Studies have shown that most people are willing to leave the car in the garage if the place they want to go to is within a 5-minute walk. The plan for Daybreak is based on this simple rule, placing parks, restaurants, shopping, schools, offices and light rail within easy walking or biking distance from your home. And tying the entire community together with trails, sidewalks and bicycle highways. Jeffrey, Bryce and the twins take full advantage of this outdoor lifestyle on their daily family outings.

Daybreak residents Jeffrey & Bryce spend quality time with their twins on their porch in Daybreak.

“We love walks around the lake and through the different villages,” they shared. “We take the kids and dogs on a 5-mile walk every morning. It not only gets them out of the house, but it gives us a chance to meander through the different villages and see different homes and landscapes. The kids are also huge fans of the toddler swings at the different parks.”

With 30+ miles of trails, Oquirrh Lake in the Lower Villages, the Watercourse coming soon to the Upper Villages, and at least one park within easy walking distance of every home, Daybreak is really just one huge playground/gym/mediation studio. And with concerts, farmers markets and all the other events created by our dedicated LiveDAYBREAK team, Daybreak is a perpetual invitation to play together.

Beautiful Mix of Neighborhoods, Homes and People

Daybreak offers a beautiful mix of neighborhoods, and a beautiful mix of homes, for a beautiful mix of people. This attention to detail in the masterplan allows potential homeowners to find a neighborhood that feels like it was built just for them. Jeffrey and Bryce instantly felt like Daybreak was home.

Daybreak residents Jeffrey & Bryce  enjoying family time at their home in Daybreak's Lake Village.

“We were drawn to become Daybreak homeowners,” they shared. “We wanted our children to live in a neighborhood with lots of kids and lots of diversity and lots of places to play. We feel at home. We also have found the community to be a safe and welcoming environment for the LGBTQ community!”

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