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Show us what you love.

We all know that Daybreak is a place of many places … but what we don’t know is which one makes your heart beat with joy. Is it that spot under the shady tree down by Oquirrh Lake? What about the new pizza spot in SoDa Row? Or is it the outdoor couch your family piles onto for movie night in the backyard? Whatever it is, wherever it is — we want to hear about it. That’s why we’re launching the “I HEART Daybreak Video Contest.” Invite family and friends along as you capture the things you love and the places you can’t live without at Daybreak. Or scroll through your phone and find old favorites you’ve already shot. And if you want, tell us in the video or in your submission email where you are and what makes that place so heartworthy. 

And the best part? Lots of prizes … aside from a day of fun exploring the community. Residents that participate in submitting a video will be given a $10 gift card* to support the beloved local eateries of SoDa Row or our tasty Info Center café, Biscotts. The top 10 submissions that best capture the Daybreak spirit will each get a $100 gift card and be posted on the Daybreak Facebook page for voting. And the overall people’s choice favorite will win a $500 gift card. Now that’s a prize!

So, let’s get out there and capture what we love most about Daybreak. Grab your phones, your Dad’s camcorder or whatever those go-pro thingies are and hit REC. Email your videos to WhatILoveAtDaybreak@Gmail.com.

Criteria for I Heart Daybreak video Submissions**:

  • In the video, show us what you love about Daybreak or tell us why you love a particular spot in the community.
  • Create something new or use an existing video that you’ve already taken.
  • The videos can be any style you like — creative interviews, a tour, interpretive dance, songs, etc.
  • The videos should be one minute or less in length and less than 10mb in size.
  • Please shoot all videos horizontally
  • Contest runs July 29-September 30, 2020.
  • Finally, email your videos to WhatILoveAtDaybreak@Gmail.com. Include your name, mailing address and phone number with your submission.

*One $10 gift card per family for participation. Multiple gift cards will not be given to someone who submits more than one video.

**By submitting a video, you agree that your entry gives permission to use your name, likeness, and entry for advertising, promotion, and/or other purposes without further notice or compensation to you, except where prohibited by law. Daybreak and Strada reserve all rights—including the right to edit, publish, use, modify, or dispose of any entry, online, in print, film, television, or in any other media for advertising, promotional and/or other purposes—without compensation or notification to you, except as prohibited by law. You agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Daybreak and Strada, and all others associated with the development and promotion of the video submission and contest, and the employees and affiliates of the parties mentioned above, from any and all damages, claims, causes of action and costs, resulting from or in connection with your participation in the submission and contest or acceptance or use of any award; the use of the materials in any manner by Daybreak and Strada; and your negligent acts or omissions or willful misconduct in connection with the I Heart Daybreak video contest. All participants have knowingly agreed to appear in I Heart Daybreak video.