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If you ask Daybreak resident Courtney Carlson, holiday decorating doesn’t have to be traditional. A few years ago, we had the pleasure of stepping inside her home to experience her vibrant holiday décor and it is so creative we wanted to share it again!  But be sure to take note, we are sharing 5 holiday decorating tips to help you get started with your own colorful holiday display.

Don’t be afraid of color

The Carlson family deck the halls with vibrant shades of pink, turquoise, gold and silver. Yep, mixing gold and silver is 100% allowed. The key is to pick a color palette and stick with it, even if the colors aren’t traditional for the holiday season.

Fishing wire will become your new best friend

If you fall in love with a star that is too heavy for the top of the tree, suspend it from the ceiling using clear fishing wire. You also can suspend ornaments or stars throughout your home, entryway or the front porch. Courtney has paper stars hanging from her skylight, which makes the whole house sparkle when the sun is shining.


Incorporate edible treats

Cake stands turn into a decorative focal point when you add yummy treats. When we visited with Courtney, she had colorful macaroons & holiday sugar cookies displayed on her kitchen table. Edible treats are inexpensive and a simple way to add layers to your decorating. And who doesn’t love treats?

Trees, trees and more trees

Who thinks that a Christmas tree only belongs in the living room? Not Courtney! Each of her children have their very own Christmas tree in their room. And each tree is decorated to represent a special memory that is dear to them. When we visited a few years ago, one of Courtney’s children loved the Wizard of Oz, so she found ornaments that represented the story. Can you spot Dorothy and her red shoes?


Set the mood with music

Leave holiday sheet music on the music rack. This will help inspire impromptu sing-alongs all season long.  And if you love the look of a painted piano, Courtney has tips for how she painted the family piano a beautiful chartreuse color for a family Christmas present a few years ago.

If you love her style, don’t be afraid to try it out in your own home. Follow Daybreak on Pinterest for more decorating inspiration.