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As part of a renegotiated contract between the telecommunications company and the community of Daybreak, eager Daybreak residents will be receiving a CenturyLink service upgrade in 2017. Currently Fiber to the Home (FTTH) customers’ standard internet speeds are 40 MB downloads and 20 MB uploads. Starting this month, CenturyLink will begin the process of increasing speeds to 500 MB download and 40 MB upload, with the goal of having all accounts completed by April 1, 2017. New homeowners building in Daybreak will enjoy the increase in speed at move in.
Back in 2005 Daybreak became one of the first communities of its kind to offer FTTH internet service through our HOA’s agreement with CenturyLink. Since then, the majority of households (both outside Daybreak and within) have come to rely on a substantial increase in data usage. Video streaming, telecommuting and the continuous use of multiple devices have become the norm. In recognition of these changes, internet speeds were increased to 40 MB download and 20 MB upload at no additional cost in 2015.
Due to unexpected increases in operational costs, CenturyLink recently announced a $1.00 increase in their monthly fee for system-wide internet services. On notification of this adjustment, the Daybreak Community Association approached CenturyLink and was able to secure a commitment to upgrade the service levels in the community—at no additional cost. The new speed upgrade allows each home to run multiple devices and consume high-bandwidth services like video streaming and video conferencing with ease. Compared to Comcast’s service charge for similar internet performance ranging from $59.95 to $61.95 monthly plus installation, this brand-new benefit simply can’t be
Internet Speed Benefits by The Numbers…
                                                                                                100 MB                                 40 MB
Download 10 Songs                                                         3.8 seconds                        9.5 seconds
Download an HD Movie                                                6.4 minutes                        15.9 minutes
Upload 200 Photos                                                          3.2 minutes                        7.6 minutes

This increase is service is just another perk of being part of a vibrant community, dedicated to offering the very best in value, lifestyle options and amenities for its residents.
Updates on the progress of resident upgrades will be provided in the Daybreak Neighborhood Newsletter.
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