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What's Happening

This week’s Utah Adventuring took us to Daybreak, a planned community in South Jordan. The development on former Kennecott Copper Mine land is a mixture of housing (single and multi-family units), shopping, dining and recreation, which is what we came for.
Daybreak has built Oquirrh Lake with docks for boats, designated fishing areas, and ribbons of both paved and gravel trails that follow the shoreline. When we arrived on a weekday at mid-morning, there weren’t too many people around, a few women with their kids at the nearby park, a few joggers and a couple of workmen working on a utility box. Previous visits on the weekend were quite different — the trails, parks and grassy areas were full of people enjoying the weather and scenery.
With the Oquirrh Mountains to the west and the Wasatch Mountains to the east, plus the beautiful water, it’s hard to believe that all that scenery is smashed into one area. My two kids, ages 4 and 2, and I walked a portion of the trail. It was fun for them because there are little hills and valleys to maneuver on their scooter and bike. One woman who was exercising while pushing her baby in a jogging stroller said navigating the entire trail that loops around the lake takes her about an hour, and it’s a great way to get out of the house with her little one.
Perhaps my 2-year-old’s favorite part was sitting on the dock and peering down at the fish in the water; this, however, was not my favorite part, fearful he would accidentally pitch himself into the water and I’d have to jump in after him.
As I drive past Daybreak, I often see canoes and kayaks, people fishing, and bikers and joggers. If you’re tired of your same old Sunday afternoon stroll, this is definitely a great place for a walk. It’s beautiful, quiet and free.
Via The Daily Herald