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What's Happening

They say a good walk starts with a place to go, and although we don’t need an official holiday to hit the trail in Daybreak, today happens to be national walking day (yes, it’s a real thing).
Walking every day has the following benefits:

  1. Strengthens your heart
  2. Lowers risk of disease
  3. Keeps weight regulated
  4. Helps prevent dementia and osteoporosis
  5. Strengthens and shapes your legs
  6. Reduces stress (Don’t we all need a little of this?)
  7. Boosts vitamin D levels in your body
  8. Gives you energy
  9. Makes you happy

Daybreak has more than 30 miles of trail to explore along the shores of Oquirrh Lake and throughout the community.
So take advantage of the beautiful scenery, grab some comfortable shoes and hit the trail. It will make your day better—promise.