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The last few weeks there has been a lot of buzz in the community about the new Daybreak park. Residents have wondered “What’s with the poles?”.  Several residents have even created fun nicknames for the new park built adjacent to the Brightdoor Home Gallery–including Rollie Pollie, Ewok and Outpost Park.
So what is this park with the poles? Well it really is a lot of things as long as you use your creativity and sprinkle in a little imagination.
To begin it is a sculptural space, the poles represent the trunks of trees in a forest. From the ground you feel like you are in a grove of trees (which will be even more prominent when the trees surrounding the poles reach maturity). It is a showpiece for rhythm and repetition in art.
It also serves as a welcome mat for the neighborhood, a reference point helping residents and guests find their way as Daybreak continues to expand further West closer to the North TRAX Station.
But there is also a lot of fun to be had in this new park. The knolls will provide countless hours of entertainment for the littlest Daybreak residents who will enjoy rolling down the soft grass. Once installed, shade awnings draped across select poles will provide a nice spot to sit and relax or share a picnic.  And you will see a few Summer concerts pop-up in the park during the Salt Lake Parade of Homes from July 31-August 15.
Let the landscape architect’s creativity spark a little creativity in you. Here is your chance to help Daybreak name the newest park, take this quick survey. (Voting has now ended)


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