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Buzz, buzz Daybreak honey is back! Did you know that we produce honey from our very own Daybreak bee hives located right here in the community? Only about 18% of Daybreak is currently developed, which leaves plenty of open fields  to support our honey bee population that arrives in hives each spring and are attended to by professional apiarists. What’s great about having  bees brought into the community is that they also pollinate the community gardens and the rest of the pretty flowers located throughout Daybreak.
Our fall harvest is now on sale at Swirly Girls Gourmet Bakery on SoDa Row. This makes a great holiday gift for your foodie friends, not to mention it tastes absolutely amazing on toast and it has great health benefits!  Our honey is sold raw, which is unpasteurized and doesn’t contain additional water. Raw honey has a vast array of health benefits because it maintains all the natural vitamins, enzymes and active phytonutrients.
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Doctor and TV personality, Dr. Oz recommends raw honey for the following health benefits.
1. Cough Suppressant: The thick consistency of raw honey coats your throat as you swallow and the sweetness triggers certain nerves to suppress coughing.
2. Soothes Burns: The antibacterial properties of raw honey may help a burn from becoming infected. Just smooth a thin layer over a minor burn to have an anti-inflamatory effect, the honey helps minimize the burning sensation.
3. Sleep Aid: Raw honey can be used as an all-natural sleep aid. Raw honey helps to soothe the body and may facilitate the release of tryptophan (the same stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner).
4. Heal Wounds: Raw honey can also be used for minor cuts and scrapes that you would normally just apply an antibiotic ointment to. A thin layer of honey keeps the wound moist and oxygen touching the honey helps activates an enzyme that produces a form of hydrogen peroxide.
5. Boost Immunity: Raw honey is loaded with vitamins, minerals and enzymes which helps protect the body from bad bacteria and can boost the immune system to fight against sickness. Raw, local honey may also help boost immunity against seasonal allergies due to the fact that you are eating honey produced by local pollen.
Note: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants under age one year should not be given raw honey due to the immature  nature of their digestive systems. 
Daybreak honey is only available for a limited-time and while supplies last. So head down and pick up a jar or two and help support the local bee population.