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Almost 20 years in, Daybreak continues to surprise and delight! 2023 was packed with many exciting memories and milestones for the Daybreak community, so let’s highlight a few below.

Sunset at Oquirrh Lake | South Jordan, UT

More Amenities

In Daybreak, your home isn’t just your house and your backyard isn’t just what’s inside the fence. Your backyard is the park down the street. The outdoor concert next to the lake. It’s the neighborhood bike park. The neighborhood café. The neighborhood grocery. The wholehearted neighborhood attitude that makes it all feel so good. And the crazy thing is, this little world of your backyard gets more wonderful all the time.

Daybreak introduced several new amenities in 2023: Phase 1 of the Watercourse, three new parks (Pennant, Lookout and Playhouse) and extended portions of the Loop (our trail network connecting all the good stuff in Upper Villages). Daybreak just keeps getting better, and better! 

If you are new to Daybreak, let’s do a quick recap of the added amenities.

1. The Watercourse

The Watercourse is a meandering mile-long waterway that will let you paddle all through the neighborhood. Or kayak over to our soon-to-be waterside gathering place, the Cove. Learn more about the Watercourse, here.

2. Pennant Park

Custom designed by Ontario’s award-winning Earthscape, Pennant Park’s playground — like all parks in Daybreak — is geared to fire up kids’ imaginations. We grownups might see a cool tower with a giant spider web and hammocks inside. Criss-crossing obstacles, aka “lasers.” Ropes and a wall to climb. Tunnels for crawling and a balcony for exploring. (Whew. Sounds like solid nap-time insurance to us.) But kids? They’ll see a free-form stage for, well, any storyline that floats into their heads. Learn more about Pennant Park, here.

3. Lookout Park

Lookout Park is located on the island by the Watercourse.  This will a place where kids — and their imaginations — can run wild. Picture this. You cross a wooden footbridge over a narrow part of the pond. On the other side, you find a trail that runs around the perimeter of the island. This trail leads you under the trees until you reach a wide beach scattered with climbing structures made of logs and netting. Learn more about Lookout Park, here.

4. Playhouse Park

The land of Playhouse Park is a sandy utopia surrounded by rolling slopes and towering trees, perfect for growing your sense of curiosity! Inside this little oasis, the possibilities for fun are endless, with sensory activities, group games, and free-play galore. Learn more about Playhouse Park, here.

Lookout Park Daybreak
Pennant Park Daybreak
Playhouse park Daybreak


Daybreak is recognized as a national model for promoting healthy living, supporting a robust economy, and enhancing the quality of life. One key factor contributing to Daybreak’s vibrancy and culture is the establishment of LiveDAYBREAK.

This non-profit organization has fostered five key pillars of lifelong learning, promoted the arts and diversity, encouraged healthy living, and encouraged philanthropy over the past 14 years. In addition, LiveDAYBREAK has created a tapestry of connection, weaving together various community elements to promote a sense of belonging and happiness. And of course, LiveDAYBREAK has also been responsible for fostering an atmosphere of fun and entertainment. Get a glimpse of the amazing resident events LiveDAYBREAK sponsors by watching the 2023 recap video below.

Downtown Daybreak

A vibrant downtown was always part of the plan. Even when Daybreak was a mere twinkle in the eye. Twenty years in, it’s time to play ball. As in, the Salt Lake Bees are coming. Along with some major mojo too. Welcome to Downtown Daybreak, a city lover’s mix of home, town, great entertainment and the great outdoors. (With that one-of-a-kind Daybreak spirit, of course.) And a city-smart flow that makes your whole day walkable, bikeable, and transit-connected.

In October, Larry H. Miller Real Estate broke ground on Phase 1 of Downtown Daybreak. This initial phase includes a new privately funded ballpark for the Salt Lake Bees and Larry H. Miller Megaplex Entertainment’s cinema-entertainment center (CEC) – together they will serve as regional anchors in the nearly 200-acre mixed-use development. 

Downtown Daybreak Ground Breaking

Follow Downtown Daybreak on social media to stay in the loop on development updates including additional retailers. 

What’s to Come…

With so many exciting developments in 2023, we have so much to look forward to in the new year. We are looking forward to kicking off vertical construction for Downtown Daybreak, welcoming new commercial tenants, and celebrating Daybreak turning 20! 

Rendering of Downtown Daybreak Phase 1 located in South Jordan, Utah.

*Renderings are subject to change.


20 Years Bold

We’re commemorating two decades of Daybreak. Join us in taking a look back — and a look forward.

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