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The way we see it, parks are about play, and play is about imagination, which means Daybreak parks should be imaginative. That’s why Daybreak has a skate park that looks like outdoor sculpture. Another park with a zip line, climbing boulders and a creek running through it. A bike park that includes a world-class pump track.  

The Spoke Bike Park | 2 mountain bikers| Daybreak Amenities | South Jordan, Utah
Lake Avenue Linear Park with playground, seating and firepits | Daybreak amenities | South Jordan, Utah| Daybreak parks
The Spoke Bike Park | Daybreak, Utah | Daybreak Parks | Daybreak Amenities
Two boys rolling down the hill in Brookside Park | Daybreak Utah | South Jordan, Utah | Daybreak amenities
Dog park in Daybreak | Daybreak amenities
Daybreak residents walking the trail by Oquirrh Lake | Daybreak Utah | South Jordan, Utah
Family playing basketball at Matchpoint park in Daybreak | South Jordan, Utah

And now we’re unveiling a recent addition to the Daybreak parks for a whole new kind of play experience. Sort of an adventure novel that’s been turned into a park. It’s called Lookout Park, and it is located on an island in the middle of The Cove.  

A little girl playing on a rope in Lookout Park's sand play area during daylight hours.

Now, if you haven’t heard about The Cove, it’s where the Watercourse widens into a big pond surrounded by some cool amenities. And if you haven’t heard about the Watercourse, it’s the network of waterways that winds through Daybreak’s Upper Villages and is planned to open in summer 2024.*   

But back to Lookout Park. 

This is a place where kids — and their imaginations — can run wild. Picture this. You cross a wooden footbridge over a narrow part of the pond. On the other side, you find a trail that runs around the perimeter of the island. This trail leads you under the trees until you reach a wide beach scattered with climbing structures made of logs and netting. They look like the remnants of a pirate ship. Or, if you really let your imagination take wing, a spaceship.  

A wooden structure in Lookout park.

But the big attractions are the two lookout towers. They let you climb high to keep an eye out for whales. Or pirates. Or aliens. And if you need to make a fast escape, you just hit the curlycue slide. 

So maybe you’re asking yourself, “How did they think of all this?” Well, we had some help. We called on Earthscape, an award-winning design firm out of Ontario. They specialize in creating wonderful, whimsical playgrounds, and they’ve done so in cities all over the U.S. and Canada. 

So there you have it: Lookout Park. Further proof that it’s good to be a kid in Daybreak. 

Lookout Park is now open!

A concrete structure sits next to a body of water in Lookout park.

*Amenities in Daybreak are for residents.