What's Happening

As always, we have a list of wonderful new daybreak parks and amenities taking shape for residents. A big one is the Watercourse — a meandering series of waterways that’s filling up as we speak in our Upper Villages. An even bigger one is the new ballpark we’re building for the Salt Lake Bees. It’s scheduled to break ground later this year. So in the years to come, you could be riding your bike to a Minor League Baseball game. But wait, there’s more! We also recently announced three new parks opening later this year: Pennant ParkLookout Park and Playhouse Park.

Pennant Park

Custom designed by Ontario’s award-winning Earthscape, Pennant Park’s playground — like all parks in Daybreak — is geared to fire up kids’ imaginations. We grownups might see a cool tower with a giant spider web and hammocks inside. Criss-crossing obstacles, aka “lasers.” Ropes and a wall to climb. Tunnels for crawling and a balcony for exploring. (Whew. Sounds like solid naptime insurance to us.) But kids? They’ll see a free-form stage for, well, any storyline that floats into their heads.

rendering of daybreak park, pennant park, daybreak amenities, daybreak parks | South Jordan, Utah

Beyond the playground, Pennant Park includes more bring-the-whole-family-fun — grassy play areas, grills and picnic tables. (Can you smell the burgers yet?) Plus creature comforts like shade trees over Adirondack chairs — probably the perfect spot to rest up before you hit the bike path which will eventually hook up to the rest of Daybreak’s 50-plus-mile trail network. But maybe the best news of all is just how soon Pennant Park will open: summer 2023. Located at intersection of Docksider Drive and Restless Road.

Lookout Park

Lookout Park will be on an island in the middle of The Cove.  Now, if you haven’t heard about The Cove, it’s where the Watercourse widens into a big pond surrounded by some cool amenities. And if you haven’t heard about the Watercourse, it’s the network of waterways that winds through Daybreak’s Upper Villages and is planned for construction to be finished in 2023.*   

Lookout Park | Daybreak, Utah | Rendering of new waterwide park being built for Daybreak residents in South Jordan, Utah.

But back to Lookout Park. This will be a place where kids — and their imaginations — can run wild. Picture this. You cross a wooden footbridge over a narrow part of the pond. On the other side, you find a trail that runs around the perimeter of the island. This trail leads you under the trees until you reach a wide beach scattered with climbing structures made of logs and netting. They look like the remnants of a pirate ship. Or, if you really let your imagination take wing, a spaceship.  

Playhouse Park

The land of Playhouse Park is a sandy utopia surrounded by rolling slopes and towering trees, perfect for growing your sense of curiosity! Inside this little oasis, the possibilities for fun are endless, with sensory activities, group games, and free-play galore. Young adventurers can explore the Earthscape Junior Tower with its thrilling slide, while the log climbing structure with monkey rings offers a challenge for the more experienced ones. Swings for all ages abound, from basket/group swings to toddler/baby swings and even regular swings for the biggest kiddos.

Rendering of a playhouse in Playhouse Park a new daybreak amenity in Daybreak's park ecosystem.

Did we mention the open lawn area? It’s the perfect place for families to spend a sunny day outside, connecting, relaxing, and exploring together. That’s what we mean when we say that Daybreak parks are not only beautiful, but they also serve as a functional hub for the community—one where people can come together, meet new people, enjoy the outdoors, and possibly even spot some of the furry and feathered wildlife that also share our home. So what are you waiting for? Pack a picnic (and sunscreen!) and come check out Playhouse Park when it opens later in 2023—your kids, and whole family, will love it. Located at the intersection of Bingham Rim Road and Meadow Grass Drive.

Like we said, this place just gets better all the time with new Daybreak parks and amenities.

*Daybreak parks and amenities are for residents and their guests. Any illustrations are subject to change depending on a variety of factors. No commitments are made regarding future development of Daybreak or the uses that will be made of land within or around Daybreak.