What's Happening

Remember this date: July 5, 2022. That’s the day water began flowing into the network of waterways — a.k.a. the Watercourse — the defining feature of the Upper Villages at Daybreak.

A group of people enjoying a game of frisbee near a pond, taking advantage of the daybreak amenity and the watercourse.

Of course this isn’t like filling the bathtub or even the neighborhood swimming pool. It’s going to take some time. Also, the Watercourse is more than water. It’s a series of waterside trails and plantings and parks and gathering places. What we’re saying here is we have a lot to do. But with how the work is (ahem) flowing, we expect the Watercourse will be ready for paddling, peddling, oohing and aahing by sometime in summer 2024.

A man walking his dog along the watercourse near a lake during daybreak.

There’s another feature of the Watercourse that’s worth mentioning here: The Cove. Here is where the Watercourse widens out into a big pond with an island in the middle and a variety of spots begging for an afternoon picnic or a lazy afternoon nap.

“But what about the island in the middle of the pond?” you ask. Well, that’s the topic of another story. We will tease you with the photo below and you can read all about Lookout Park, here.

A concrete structure sits next to a body of water in Lookout park.

So all this is very exciting. But what’s truly amazing about the Watercourse is that it’s actually part of Daybreak’s water conservation plan. You see, the Watercourse is designed to capture and filter stormwater and serve as a reservoir for our secondary water. We’ve always felt that what’s good for the planet is good for us, too. And the Watercourse is just another example. Want to know more about the Watercourse and how it fits into Daybreak’s conservation efforts? Click here.

And if you are looking for a home near the Watercourse, we’ve got a few options in Cascade Village and SpringHouse Village.

*Amenities in Daybreak are for residents.