What's Happening

No, they’re not eyeglasses. They’re points of interest all over Daybreak that you’re welcome to explore. With 30+ miles of trails, Oquirrh Lake in the Lower Villages, the Watercourse coming soon to the Upper Villages, and at least one park within easy walking distance of every home, Daybreak is really just one huge playground/gym/mediation studio. And Daybreak parks aren’t typical, in fact they are award-winning!

Daybreak Parks

The Beach Club

Where residents can borrow a kayak, canoe or stand-up paddleboard and launch into the lake. Opening Summer 2020.

Art Ave

A collection of sculptures created by local artists and on display in Linear Park. Hurry up, the art changes every Fall.

30+ Miles of Trails

Bring your bike or your hikers and plenty of H20.

32 Daybreak Parks (+ More to Come)

Bring your picnic basket and a Frisbee. Or simply a blanket to watch the clouds float by.

5-Minute Rule

Studies have shown that most people are willing to leave the car in the garage if the place they want to go to is within a 5-minute walk. We based the plan for Daybreak on this simple rule, placing Daybreak parks, restaurants, shopping, schools, offices and light rail within easy walking or biking distance from your home. And tying the entire community together with trails, sidewalks and bicycle highways.

Click on the button below for an interactive map of Daybreak, it will help you explore here, there and everywhere in-between.