What's Happening

A new park is coming to Heights Park Village, which will also be one of the last parks built in Daybreak’s original lower villages. Basin Park will be located at the intersection of Kestrel Rise Rd. and Split Rock Dr. and features a walking path, native plantings, and a cool looking picnic area that resembles a deconstructed teepee in the middle that will include lighting for night time gatherings. Two separate grassy areas will be built nearby at the same time. Construction is currently scheduled for 2021.

basin park | heights park village
basin park | heights park village
basin park | heights park village
basin park | heights park village

Many of Daybreak’s open space areas double as water retention basins which are designed to capture and store storm water before it is returned to the underground aquifer by slowly percolating down beneath the ground. The options for both landscaping and structures are usually quite limited in these spaces due to the need to store storm water—manicured turf would get flooded and over watered, while additional structures such as playgrounds could also become damaged and rendered unusable or unsafe were they to be installed. Fortunately, this location was large enough that the landscape designers were able to preserve an elevated area in the middle for the shade structure so that area residents could still enjoy it.

basin park map | daybreak utah

Single Family Homes Nearby

In addition to the park, this area is also home to some of the last single family homes still available in Heights Park Village. The Hartford series from Destination Homes and the Cottage Court collection from David Weekley Homes will feature new homes directly adjacent to Basin Park.

*The amenities described in this post in both copy and imagery represent the designers’ vision for this area of the community and what Daybreak Communities intends to build at this point in time, however it’s still early in the journey. The process for taking any amenity from concept to completion involves many steps and months of work including the creation of detailed construction drawings, engineering, and obtaining bids to ensure that the scope of the project as designed fits within a pre-determined budget. During this process, changes can and do occur to the original concept. Some elements of what is described and shown above may be changed or eliminated completely. Our intent in sharing this information at this point in time is to provide a preview of what’s being designed to help the public understand how this area might live. It is not to present a final solution or commitment to build a specific design.


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