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So you’re thinking about buying a new home, eh? Well, an important thing to consider when thinking about your next home is where that home will be located, meaning the immediate neighborhood around you. It may sound like a simple thing. But if you think about where you grew up, the things that happened outside the four walls of your home, were every bit as important as what happened inside.
daybreak community events
Prospective homebuyers often ask the question, “What’s it like to live in Daybreak?” Our answer is simple, “You need to experience it. Come to one of our events, explore our parks, take a walk around Oquirrh Lake and see what life is like in Daybreak.” We guarantee that a weekend in Daybreak will feed your soul, leave you energized and you may even gain a new friend or two. There is always something going on–whether you want to attend a neighborhood wine tasting or sit under the stars and listen to a free summer concert.

In fact, a lot of the activities in Daybreak are sponsored by LiveDAYBREAK, our non-profit community council. LiveDAYBREAK focuses on creating a culture where our residents live more fulfilling lives. It accomplishes its mission through a variety of events, activities and programs. Or, stated more simply, LiveDAYBREAK brings Daybreak to life.

When you move to Daybreak, you aren’t just purchasing a home, you become part of a very unique place. Take a peek at the events calendar for this year and make plans to join us.


20 Years Bold

We’re commemorating two decades of Daybreak. Join us in taking a look back — and a look forward.

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