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Daybreak is founded on the principle that our daily decisions profoundly impact the future of our children and their children. Now in its nineteenth year, Daybreak is recognized as a national model for promoting healthy living, supporting a robust economy, and enhancing the quality of life. One key factor contributing to Daybreak’s vibrancy and culture is the establishment of LiveDAYBREAK. This non-profit organization has fostered five key pillars of lifelong learning, promoted the arts and diversity, encouraged healthy living, and encouraged philanthropy over the past 14 years. In addition, LiveDAYBREAK has created a tapestry of connection, weaving together various community elements to promote a sense of belonging and happiness. And of course, LiveDAYBREAK has also been responsible for fostering an atmosphere of fun and entertainment.

LiveDAYBREAK is indeed the heartbeat of the community—providing a variety of opportunities each week for residents to learn, volunteer and connect with one another.

Daybreak residents at Oquirrh Lake during the lantern festival in South Jordan, Utah.


LiveDAYBREAK is driven by a set of core values that guide all events, activities, and programs in Daybreak:

  • Connecting: Creating opportunities for personal interactions, volunteerism, and leadership growth that bring people together and strengthen the sense of community.
  • Lifelong Learning: Supporting and promoting educational opportunities for individuals of all ages and stages of life.
  • Embracing Arts & Diversity: Enriching lives through the arts, celebrating differences within the community, and promoting cultural awareness.
  • Healthy Living: Fostering physical and emotional well-being through community events and activities, as well as promoting sustainability in economic, social, and environmental aspects.
  • Giving Back: Participating in the betterment of Daybreak and the community at large through volunteerism, service and philanthropic measures.
Daybreak's furriest residents all dressed up for Halloween. This annual LiveDAYBREAK event is a celebration for the whole family.

The founders of Daybreak established a unique funding source to support the activities and events enjoyed by Daybreak residents. This one-time community enhancement fee of ½ of one percent is paid at the time of closing of the transfer of title and serves as a reinvestment back into the neighborhood.

In recent years, these funds have also been utilized to support special projects in area schools and to establish a public art program within Daybreak. For more information about the community enhancement fee, please visit our website.

LiveDAYBREAK offers an exciting calendar of events year-round for Daybreak residents to enjoy, including the popular Summer Concert Series, witness art creation in real-time at the Fizz Fest Art Festival, partake in cultural festivals such as the Lakeside Luau and Bollywood Celebration, and participate in many other events. For a complete listing of LiveDAYBREAK events, see the calendar!


For new residents, we highly recommend attending the New Resident Social event. This gathering is open to all residents, whether you have just purchased a new or existing home, are renting, or have been living in Daybreak for some time. The event provides an opportunity to meet representatives from the Daybreak Community Association (HOA), LiveDAYBREAK, and Larry H. Miller Communities, who can answer any questions you may have and provide valuable information about the community. Don’t miss out on this chance to get to know your new neighbors and learn more about everything Daybreak has to offer!

Thousands of people gather for the annual Dragon Boat Festival at Oquirrh Lake hosted by LiveDAYBREAK.

There are many ways to get involved and make a difference in the Daybreak community!


Daybreak is home to many diverse resident-organized clubs. Arts, wine, cars or Super Smash Brothers, you’re bound to find something to pique your interest. Meet new neighbors who share your interests or explore new hobbies by joining one of our 30-plus resident-organized clubs. There’s something for everyone, from hiking and running clubs to book clubs and crafting groups.

Volunteer with the Activities Council: LiveDAYBREAK hosts numerous events and activities throughout the year; we always need volunteers to help them succeed. Whether you want to help plan an event from start to finish or simply lend a hand on the day of, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

Teen Leadership Council: High school students in grades 9-12 can develop leadership skills, serve the community, and plan events for their peers by joining the Teen Leadership Council. This is a great way to gain valuable skills and add to your college or job applications.

Community Arts Advisory Council: Daybreak residents also have the opportunity to serve on the Community Arts Advisory Council, advocating for public art throughout the community. This includes a range of temporary, semi-permanent, and long-term art installations.

Couple dance on stage at the hispanic festival in South Jordan, Utah.


Stay up-to-date with LiveDAYBREAK’s latest events and happenings by following them on social media or signing up for their email newsletters. You can find them at @LiveDAYBREAK on Facebook or Instagram.

Additionally, you can visit the website www.MyDaybreak.com/Live, to learn more about LiveDAYBREAK, the various community clubs and activities, as well as volunteer opportunities available to Daybreak residents. Stay connected with your community and never miss out on the fun!