What's Happening

The Jordan School District is scheduled to begin construction in the Spring of 2016 for the new elementary school in Daybreak’s Creekside neighborhood located near 10200 S. and Kestrel Rise Rd. The elementary school is slated to open Fall 2017. In addition to the elementary school, the District intends to build a middle school on the same parcel of land in the next few years. The timeline for the new elementary school in Creekside is exciting news for current and future Daybreak residents and is an important step in the process of creating additional walkable neighborhood schools within the community.
Creekside crop
According to a University of Utah study more than 70% of Daybreak students walk to school at least once a week, which cuts down on emissions from idling cars in the drop-off line at school and promotes a healthy lifestyle starting at an early age. Kids can safely walk and bike to school and parents aren’t stuck waiting in long carpool lines–this saves time and money.
The proximity of home and school integrated into a tight-knit community also promotes an increase in parental involvement at school. It is easy for parents to volunteer in classrooms, participate in special programs and engage in a healthy dialogue with school staff when schools are located within walking distance of home.

Kennecott Land, the developer of Daybreak, has a positive long-term relationship with the Jordan School District.  To date, this partnership has created two Daybreak schools (Daybreak and Eastlake Elementary Schools) that enhance walkability, create positive learning environments, and sustainable neighborhoods. The Creekside transaction includes the third and fourth school sites either donated by Kennecott or purchased by the Jordan School District within the Community. Daybreak is also home to the Early Light Academy Charter School which serves students in grades K-9.