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What's Happening

Early Light Academy, located in South Station Village, was developed by a group of Daybreak residents. The K-9 public charter school accommodates both elementary and junior high with its modern campus which features include a regulation-size soccer field, spacious gymnasium/multipurpose room and large library/study hall. The school has breakout rooms for each grade level, mobile computer labs, and classrooms with the latest technology. The campus utilizes passive heating and cooling in its construction, incorporates radiant heat technology and generates solar power though a series of 44 panels obtained by generous grants from Rocky Mountain Power, Blue Sky, Wasatch Sun and Rio Tinto.

Led by Academic Director Wade Glathar, Early Light Academy provides a liberal arts education with an emphasis in History. All students receive a full year of History (including Art History) in addition to Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education. The school supports the philosophies of Leader in Me and BrainGym®, a movement based program comprised of Educational Kinesiology. Parents are given online access to all lessons for History, Math, Science and Art which allows them to engage in deeper discussions about what is being taught at school, provides them with the context when helping a child master a difficult concept and allows them to reinforce a principle when visiting a museum or enjoying a performance as a family.
Creative and cultural education is embraced through an Arts Integration Program with opportunities in drama, film and dance. Arts Programs—supported by skilled parents and teachers and offered in collaboration with the South Jordan Community Theatre, University of Utah College of Fine Arts and Virginia Tanner Creative Dance Program—are designed to allow for personal expression, to reinforce concepts taught by teachers and to develop teamwork and problem solving skills. Culture Night events are planned by a committee comprised of parents and teachers. The popular events engage families and the community in a taste of different cultures from around the world through dance, music, art and food. An annual History Fair with activities and experiences highlighting an event or time period from the past is held each June prior to summer break.

The school motto, “Our actions today will impact our tomorrow,” is reinforced through quarterly environmentally-based lessons in each class and a recycling program. As a part of the upcoming History Fair this year, Early Light Academy will feature a Green Fair to educate students and the community in sustainable practices and the impacts that it can have on the environment.
Sports teams including soccer, volleyball, cross country, basketball and cheerleading have been established for junior high students who compete against other charter schools in the state.
Serving 750 students from kindergarten to 9th grade, Early Light Academy was approved to become its own district by the Utah State Office of Education on May 9, 2008 and opened August 31, 2009. All teachers are licensed, certified teachers or are qualified to teach under the Utah State Office of Education Alternative Route to Licensure Program, or otherwise authorized through the State Board of Education. As a public school, Early Light Academy is held to the same requirements as all Utah State public schools.
Admission into Early Light Academy is granted according to federal and state guidelines through a lottery process. Enrollment for the lottery begins each January for the following academic year. The first drawing takes place in February with additional drawings as needed. In accordance with Utah State law, a family has the right to withdraw from any public school and re-enroll into a local school district without any further procedures through June 30th for the following academic year.

Early Light Academy follows a traditional schedule and is in session for nine months with fall, winter and spring breaks throughout the academic year.

Early Light Academy | 11709 Vadania Dr, South Jordan, 84095 | 801.801.302.5988

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