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What's Happening

Well, plenty. And the details might surprise you. Daybreak currently has two elementary schools and one K-9 charter school located within the community—Daybreak Elementary, Eastlake Elementary and Early Light Academy. This is the first in a series of posts that will feature each of the schools in Daybreak.
Daybreak Elementary School, located in Founder’s Park Village, is one of the first elementary schools in Utah with an attached recreation center and was designed to be environmentally efficient with geo-thermal heating and cooling which is also good for the budget. The building’s contemporary design provides an abundance of natural lighting which is an essential component for productive learning. The award winning facility has a LEED silver rating and was honored at the Governors Quality Growth Awards program in 2010.
Led by Principal Doree Strauss, Daybreak Elementary has a curricular focus in Literacy, Writing and Language Arts. Technology is safely used as a tool for instruction. Each student at the school creates a profile through the Renzulli Learning System, an online program that aligns individual interests, learning styles and expression styles with a wealth of activities that promote creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students have access to the program during school as well as at home for enrichment activities and independent study.
Daybreak Elementary participates in the nationally-recognized character education program, Community of Caring, founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Community of Caring emphasizes the ethical values of Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Trust and Family. The renowned program has been adopted by more than 1,000 schools throughout the United States and in Canada.

In partnership with Junior Achievement of Utah, Daybreak Elementary is striving to provide their students with a better understanding of economics and a fundamental understanding of the free enterprise system. Daybreak students will join over 60,000 students across the state in activities that will teach them how to effectively manage their finances, apply free-market thinking and prepare them for life after graduation. Daybreak Elementary hosts the annual Science Fair for the Jordan School District held in February and is currently organizing the first Math Olympiad for several schools in the district and neighboring charter schools.
At Daybreak, education plays a vital role in the community’s design. A recent study performed by the University of Utah showed that 88 percent of fifth grade students at Daybreak Elementary School walk to school at least once per week compared with 17 percent of students at another school located in a nearby conventional suburban neighborhood. Walkable neighborhoods not only keep cars off the road and save time for parents, but also help children start down a path towards healthy living from a young age.

Serving 1,100 students from kindergarten to sixth grade, Daybreak Elementary, a traditional public school and part of the Jordan School District, offers a year-round education using the 45-15 plan (each track is in session for 45 days followed by 15 days of vacation) with summer vacation for all tracks in July. School begins at 8:30 am and ends at 3:25 pm Monday thru Thursday. Students are released at 1:25 pm each Friday to allow for class preparation and teacher collaboration. School lunch is offered daily and National School Lunch benefits are available to those who qualify. Visitors are welcome and are required to check into the office upon arrival.
Daybreak Elementary | 4544 Harvest Moon Dr (11710 S), South Jordan, 84095 | (801)302-0553

Eastlake Elementary | Early Light Academy | Kennecott Land