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Realtor.com says that Salt Lake City is a mecca for millennials. Ranking No. 2 in the Top Cities for Millennials, Salt Lake City offers millennial home buyers an option away from the bright lights of big city life they would find in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles. Salt Lake City and its surrounding suburbs offer millennial home buyers an option to plant their roots where home prices are still budget friendly, but the job market is strong across a variety of sectors.

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Millennial Urb Appeal

Both realtors and savvy shoppers are turning their attention to the burgeoning corner of southwest Salt Lake—where real, sustainable growth is happening right now. Urban living isn’t just for downtown anymore. Downtown dreamers are relocating to forward-thinking communities that offer the best of everything—multiple single-family and townhome housing options that are budget friendly, varied amenities within walking distance, and a discernible vibe of commonality and togetherness.

Row of homes in Daybreak's Highland Park Village.
People at the Daybreak Farmer's Market located on SoDa Row.
Trail along Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak.
Dancers performing during the Bollywood Festival in Daybreak.
Townhome located in Daybreak.
Children running in the living room of Liz Williams' home in Daybreak.
Performers singing at the Daybreak Summer Concert Series
Little girl playing with ladybugs and butterflies at a LiveDAYBREAK event in Daybreak.

Daybreak, located in South Jordan is a master-planned community made up of people from diverse backgrounds, and provides a variety of different types of neighborhoods, each with their own vibe. Nicely situated about a half hour from both downtown Salt Lake and the emerging “Silicon Slopes” technology district in northern Utah County, Daybreak is a popular new home community for people relocating to Utah.

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You can explore Daybreak’s Villages & Districts on our website to find the right fit for you. Or simply stop by a Daybreak Information Center and talk with a Daybreak concierge.