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When you buy a new home you pick the neighborhood vibe, homesite, floor plan and of course design details that suit you. You also get a whole lot more. Let us explain the 5 Reasons to Buy a New Home.

  • Energy Efficient Homes
  • No More “Honey Do List”
  • New Friends
  • Walkability and Amenities
  • Location, Location, Location

Utah’s strong housing market and lack of resale inventory has a lot of prospective homebuyers choosing to buy a new home. Adios, bidding wars and endless nights spent searching the Internet to find a resale home that checks all the boxes. With a new home you pick the neighborhood vibe, homesite, floor plan and of course design details that suit you.

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If you are still debating whether to buy a new or resale home, the following reasons to buy a new home will emphasize why purchasing a new construction home in Daybreak might be your best bet:

Energy Efficient Homes

Nobody likes spending extra money.

In Daybreak, every new home is built and independently tested to achieve a high standard of energy efficiency, saving you anywhere from $200 to nearly $1,500 every year versus the typical new home. Compared to older homes, moving to a new home in Daybreak can save you $2,500 a year or even more. And you get a more durable and comfortable home all at the same time. Ah, the miracle of science. (FYI, your actual performance will vary depending on weather, thermostat settings and other factors.)

No More “Honey Do List”

Buying a new home means you can finally put your Pinterest ideas to good use.

Girl reading a book on a window seat with a custom bookshelf, built by Holmes Homes in Daybreak.

During the homebuying process you can work with your homebuilder to customize the home to suit your needs and wants. No need for a “honey do list.” Get it done the way you want it the first time around.

New Friends

Established neighborhoods in the suburbs have their charm, but as the new folks in town it can be hard to make friends. Remember middle school when you were the odd man out?  Neighbors in an established neighborhood likely have known each other for years and unfortunately their tribe may be full.

In Daybreak you can have the best of both worlds—an established community with award-winning charm, dozens of amenities to explore and a community council (LiveDAYBREAK) that throws amazing events to help you meet your neighbors. Yep, even in a pandemic this dedicated team has found safe and fun ways to connect. Get to know LiveDAYBREAK, here.

Walkability and Amenities

Purchasing a new home in a master planned community, like Daybreak. Means that you get access to so much more than just a new home. In fact, we based the plan for Daybreak on a simple 5-minute rule, placing all sorts of amenities within walking distance of home.

Oquirrh Lake, Daybreak amenities | Daybreak Utah

Your new home comes with 40+ miles of trails, Oquirrh Lake in the Lower Villages, the Watercourse coming soon to the Upper Villages, and at least one park within easy walking distance of every home, Daybreak is really just one huge playground/gym/mediation studio. Explore all of Daybreak amenities, here.

Location, Location, Location

Daybreak is nicely situated about a half hour from both downtown Salt Lake and the new “Silicon Slopes” technology district in northern Utah County.

Location map for Daybreak in relationship to Salt Lake City and Silicon Slopes in Lehi, Utah.

And thanks to TRAX light rail, the Mountain View Corridor and several other major transportation projects, getting from here to everywhere is easy and just gets easier. And did we mention there is a Costco, Target and natural food store within a 5–minute drive of your new home!

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