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How you live your life starts with where you live it. Daybreak located in South Jordan, Utah offers a beautiful mix of neighborhoods, and a beautiful mix of homes, for a beautiful mix of people. Our inaugural neighborhood in the Upper Villages of Daybreak, Highland Park, is filled with our newest thinking and amenities. Think of it as your biking, paddling, chai sipping neighborhood. And with homes starting in the $240’s, it may be perfect for you.

And wait until you see what’s already here and what’s around the corner. Let’s review, shall we?

Adventure Awaits

Highland Park is home to a network of parks and nature called the Loop. It is a massive park and trail system that runs throughout the Upper Villages, stitching the neighborhoods together like a seam on a patchwork quilt.
One of the unique features of the Loop is the bicycle highway system, which is a system of trails for runners and cyclists that provides the opportunity to travel long distances on a trail without having to compete with cars on the road. And, the idea of combining the trail system with the park system means that there’s always someplace to go along the path if you’re riding a bike, taking a leisurely stroll with the family, or if you’re a serious athlete.
One of the places to go, is the brand-new city park. This park offers a playground, covered pavilion with picnic tables, pickle-ball courts (coming soon) and acres of lush grass that will host soccer games in the Fall.

Grab a Bite and Relax

The Hub Information Studio is the place to start your tour of Highland Park. And it’s also a whole lot more. The Hub is also home to a chef’s garden, community pool and Biscotts Bakery, a London-style café that celebrates food from around the world.

Explore Highland Park Village!

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