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Some questions have arisen recently regarding the future of Oquirrh Lake, and it appears that there is some confusion regarding the history of Daybreak’s Development plan and the Parks & Open Space agreement with the City of South Jordan. We felt it would be helpful to provide some brief history on the subject.

  • – The design of the lake does not lend itself to be a private amenity exclusively for residents and as such it would be unreasonable to expect the HOA or residents to cover the entire cost.
  • – The potential to transfer the lake to the City is part of an ongoing process anticipated in the 2003 Master Development Agreement and the subsequent 2007 Parks & Open Space agreement between Kennecott and South Jordan City that specifies roughly 200 acres of common area within the community that will become City property. Several areas of the community have already been transferred to the City as part of the agreement such as Sunrise Mountain Park, Callendar Square, & Hillside Park
  • – We have included this information in our disclosures to all homeowners when they purchase their home.
  • – Kennecott developed a standard for operation and maintenance with South Jordan in the 2007 Oquirrh Lake Management Plan. Kennecott has maintained the lake at its own expense since its inception to establish a pattern of operations and maintenance in accordance with the Plan that serves as a template for future management of the Lake in anticipation that the lake will be maintained to at least the current standard.
  • – It is anticipated that there will be some areas of the lake that are maintained by the HOA and will be retained as exclusive amenities for Daybreak residents, other areas that become city property will remain open to the public.
  • – Next steps are to further define the areas that would be transferred to the City and what areas would be transferred to and  maintained by the HOA and confirm the typical restrictions Kennecott places on all parks and open spaces we have built in Daybreak (e.g. that they be maintained as designed and may not be developed).
  • – While there is more work to be done, we anticipate that the necessary descriptions and agreements will be finalized to allow the transfers to occur in the spring of 2015.
  • – We will keep the community informed as conversations progress.