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Come see the brand-new mural, located in Cascade Village, illustrated by Daybreak resident Brooke Smart.

We’ve introduced a bunch of new model homes and a bushel full of entirely new home collections in our latest neighborhood, Cascade Village. And now we are adding even more, a brand-new mural illustrated by Daybreak resident Brooke Smart. The new mural is one more way that we hope to surprise and delight your day!

We recently sat down with Brooke to learn more about living in Daybreak, her favorite Daybreak amenities and what it meant to illustrate a mural for the community.

Colorful illustration (mural) of Daybreak created by Brooke Smart. Located in Cascade Village.

What do you love most about living in Daybreak?

I love the sense of community you feel here! We live in Eastlake and I love how well we have gotten to know our neighbors, especially during this last year and a half. It’s such a tight knit community, filled with the most loving people. I also love that no matter where you live, you are close to a park or a pool or some other community based building. There is always something to do here!

How long have you lived in the community?

We have lived in our house in Eastlake for about 2 1/2 years.

What does it mean to you to contribute an art piece to the community?

I’ve enjoyed the art so much in Daybreak over the years, and have always wanted to be a part of it! So I was thrilled to be asked to contribute in this way. Art is such a wonderful way to add life to a community, and I love that Daybreak focuses so much on bringing art into the landscape of every neighborhood. I’d love to add even more of my art around Daybreak!

What do you hope people feel when they experience the mural?

I really enjoy telling stories as an illustrator, so I hope our mural will help tell the story of Daybreak, and the life that we live here, and especially the story of the coming Watercourse! I hope it brings joy to those who see it! One of my favorite parts of painting it was when parents would stop by with their kids to chat about what they were seeing. The kids always had the best insights and it made me feel like we’d accomplished our goal when they’d tell me how much they loved certain parts of it. People would ride by on their bikes with their dogs, and be so happy to see a woman with a dog in her basket on the mural. Or they would point out which person in the mural best represented them. I hope those little moments continue to happen every day.

How many hours do you think the project took?

Because of all of the detail required it took me about 6 weeks.

What was the inspiration for the mural?

Before I designed and painted the mural, I worked to create the back of the new community map of Daybreak. It is in the same style, with mostly line work, and included some of the same characters and houses, but it tells the story of Daybreak as a whole, not just the Watercourse. I was inspired by the life that we live here, and the people that I see every day! I was inspired by the energy and the vitality of the community. There was so much to draw from, that I felt like my job was mostly about picking some favorites and telling as many stories as I could in that space. We wanted the mural as well as the map to be inclusive and to tell Daybreak’s story from as many perspectives as possible.

You can pick-up a copy of the new community map at The Hub Information Center & Cafe Information Center.

What is your favorite image on the mural?

I really love the way the mother and son who are flying the kites turned out. They seem so hopeful and I loved designing and painting them. I also, of course, love the fisherman, because he is based on my husband, Jeremy.

Tell us a little bit about your professional background?

I am a 2007 graduate of BYU’s Fine Arts program with an emphasis on illustration, I love using illustration to tell stories. I find plenty of inspiration from my husband and our three kids. You may have seen my work in various books, newspapers and magazines on behalf of clients such as Better Days 2020, Penguin, Random House and The New York Times. View Brooke’s website, here.

Colorful illustration (mural) of Daybreak created by Brooke Smart. Located in Cascade Village.
Colorful illustration (mural) of Daybreak created by Brooke Smart. Located in Cascade Village.
Colorful illustration (mural) of Daybreak created by Brooke Smart. Located in Cascade Village.
Colorful illustration (mural) of Daybreak created by Brooke Smart. Located in Cascade Village.

So come out and experience all our fantastic new homes and the new community mural.