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Jordan School District Anticipates 2021-2022 Opening in Highland Park

Many parents will drive over the hill and through high water to get their children to a good school. We think that’s very commendable. But we prefer that it be unnecessary. That’s why one of the first things to get built in Daybreak was a neighborhood school. And it’s why, since then, that eight other schools — public, private and charter — have popped up in Daybreak.  With another elementary school currently under construction in Highland Park.  Because if there’s one thing smarter than a good school, it’s a good-and-close school.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the new elementary school occurred earlier this year with the celebratory dirt toss. Watch the groundbreaking, here. We were lucky enough to have a few students from the local middle school participate as well as South Jordan City Mayor Dawn Ramsey and board members of the Jordan School District.

Jordan School District Groundbreaking in Daybreak.
Photo courtesy of Jordan School District.

Jordan School District anticipates the school opening for the 2021-2022 school year.

Jordan School District's new elementary school under construction in Daybreak. August 2020.
Construction status as of August 2020.

The school will be located north of South Jordan Parkway at the intersection of Holly Springs Drive & Moon Valley Drive. Students will enjoy that the school is being built just a short bike ride from the recently announced bike park, The Spoke. And if you would you like to live close — like, across-the-street close? We have a few homesites available.

Highland Park Village map showing homesites and the new elementary school.

Future Growth

Daybreak’s master plan includes additional schools as the community grows, including multiple school sites planned in the Upper Villages, and proactively purchased by the Jordan School District. These sites include three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school.

Daybreak Communities provides one, five and ten-year growth and development projections to the Jordan School District to assist the District in forecasting facility needs. Daybreak’s community design and land use planning initiatives proactively identify, and reserve, potential school sites within the community with the goal to place schools within walking distance of most students. These locations reinforce sustainable land use patterns and neighborhood-based school objectives. These efforts are supported by the District, South Jordan City and Daybreak Communities to identify and address the urgent need for additional schools within South Jordan proper. Daybreak is thankful for its continued partnership with its various education partners.