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Are you ready to have the most memory-filled summer ever? Of course you are, that’s probably why you are thinking about a new home in the master-planned community of Daybreak. With so many awesome amenities, you may not know where to start. Ready? Let’s dive in! (And yes, to the avid swimmers, you can absolutely take that literally.)

Pools in Daybreak

We’re fools for pools. And really, who isn’t? The neighborhood pool turns a sizzling Saturday into a tiny tropical holiday. If you’re into fitness, it also offers a bracing alternative to the early-morning run. And in Daybreak, the pools aren’t just pools. They’re true community hubs, each offering its own mix of activities.

Check them all out:

Highland Park Village
Eastlake Village
Founders Park Village
Garden Park Village
  • Garden Park Pool (55+)
Creekside Village
Springhouse Village
  • Springhouse Pool (55+)

Trails and Open Space

A good walk starts with a place to go, and in Daybreak there’s 4,000+ acres to explore. If you need to clear your head, are looking for a leisurely stroll to get the wiggles out, or you need a new fitness routine—the 50+ mile trail system in Daybreak can help.

One of our newest additions is the Loop, a massive trail system that runs throughout Upper Villages. The Loop is the bicycle highway system, which allows the opportunity to travel long distances on a trail without having to compete with cars on the road. New portions of the loop are currently being added along 11800 South and on Bingham Rim Road; this new section will take you past Playhouse Park and Pennant Park

And if you’re a mountain biker, rollerblader, skateboarder or even just a wee Strider Bike-rider, you will want to check-out The Spoke. It is a series of features — jumps, berms, gaps, etc. — being built into a long stretch of the Loop. It’s like a long linear bike park with something for every skill level. And the highlight of The Spoke? A pump track designed and built by Velosolutions of Switzerland. So, are you excited?

Daybreak Parks and Trails

Oquirrh Lake and the Watercourse

If you’re feeling adventurous, take a trip to Oquirrh Lake in the Lower Villages of Daybreak. If you’re an old pro, you can apply for a personal watercraft permit so you can do lake day your way. Just getting your sea legs? Check out the watercraft rentals we have available and or try signing up for sailing lessons. Or if you prefer to keep things slow and scenic, take a tour around the lake on the electric Duffy Boat. This cool cruiser offers 30-minute rides from Memorial Day through Labor Day Thursday through Sunday. Plus it can be booked for private tours, making it a great option for date nights, dinner cruises, or just taking in a perfect summer sunset. 

Daybreak’s Lower Villages have Oquirrh Lake. And our Upper Villages will soon have the Watercourse, a meandering waterway that will let you paddle all through the neighborhood. Or kayak over to our soon-to-be waterside gathering place, the Cove. With a cool new park and sandy beaches, it’s the perfect spot for celebrations. We are putting the final touches on the Watercourse now with portions of the trail network and Lookout Park opening by the end of summer 2023. Water recreation will need to wait until the ecosystem in the water has a chance to get happy, it is not anticipated summer 2023.

Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak Utah


Nothing feels more like summer than your feet in the grass at a local park. Here at Daybreak, we’re totally park-obsessed. In fact, we live by the five-minute rule. This means that from any home in the community, you’re only ever five minutes from a park. Why did we make that a priority? Because we believe you shouldn’t have to make time for nature; days full of sunshine and fresh air should be the default when you walk out your door. 

Daybreak parks range from active destinations to peaceful neighborhood escapes, so get ready for picnics with your people under a shade tree, or Frisbee with friends in an open field.  If you’ve got small kiddos, check out Playhouse Park with its developmental play equipment made specifically to help growing minds blossom. Got a special day coming up? Reserve a pavilion! These spaces are perfect for group gatherings like birthdays or a family field day. Spots can be reserved hassle-free online through the Online RecDesk.

Daybreak Parks

Sports Courts

Looking to get that heart rate up a little higher? Lace up those sneakers and pop on a sweatband… we’ve got sports courts! Whether you’re a basketball pro, a volleyball enthusiast, or a tennis star, there’s plenty of space for you to play. Check out Matchpoint Park’s multi-use sports court, equipped with basketball hoops, street hockey courts, and even a ping pong and foosball table. 

What about Pickleball, you ask? We have it! This popular sport combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, and is an awesome way to work on your agility while making new friends. Head to Highland Park in South Jordan City to play pickleball with a partner or fly solo and get to know your new neighbors over a friendly game. Sport courts are open from dusk to dawn all summer long to all Daybreak residents and their guests.  

Family playing basketball at Matchpoint park in Daybreak | South Jordan, Utah


Daybreak Community Center

But wait, there’s more! If you’re the type of person who likes to immerse themselves in their recreation, we’re here to help (and to say: we love your style). Instead of signing up for a bunch of gym memberships, you can pick and choose extras from our list of paid add-ons to fill out your fitness schedule in a way that works for you. For the social butterfly, we have an array of group fitness classes at the Daybreak Community Center. Everything from group swim lessons to Tsunami Fitness. If you’re looking to really hone your skills, you can sign up for personal training sessions to work one-on-one with a certified expert. Plus, there’s Child Watch available, so even if the kids are home for the summer, you can get that me-time in. 

And don’t forget that the Daybreak Community Center includes a fitness center, gymnasium, indoor track, outdoor pool and indoor rentable space for a party or event.

daybreak community center, daybreak pool | daybreak utah

Get your Daybreak Amenity Card

If you’re just breaking ground on your new home at Daybreak, don’t worry! You can start taking advantage of the amenities and activities while your home is being built. That’s right, no need to wait ‘til move in day to get to know your new neighbors or find your favorite shade spot to get going on that summer reading list. Just have your builder sales agent fill out the “New Buyer Amenity Card Registration,” and then register online to receive your amenity card. Easy peasy!

Now, you might be wondering about the amenity card situation. Here’s the scoop: Each household receives up to two adult Daybreak amenity passes for free, plus one free child card (starting when your little one reaches age 9). If you’ve got older kiddos, Children 14 and over can purchase an adult card with parental consent to go to the pool by themselves. And don’t worry about losing your card—replacements are available for a small fee.

We know that no family day by the pool or the lake is complete unless the whole crew is invited. So go ahead, send out that group invite and get the gang together—guest passes are available for purchase! Each resident is allowed five guest passes per day for use at a qualifying amenity. Guest passes are only five bucks each and are valid for the whole day of purchase. As long as there is room, respectful guests are always welcome. 

Pool Laps

Get to know LiveDAYBREAK

LiveDAYBREAK offers a variety of events and classes to keep your summer fresh, from concerts to cooking classes. And if you find yourself in need of ingredients to bring those newly honed-cooking skills into your home-kitchen, stop by the farmers market. You can grab some fresh produce and artisanal goodies while supporting local businesses. 

So, what are we waiting for? The weather is heating up and it is high time you start living your best life. We all know that Daybreak isn’t just some place to live, it’s the place where you are part of the community. With so many amenities available, you’ll never run out of things to do. Whether you’re looking to stay active, socialize, or just relax, Daybreak has something for everyone. Get more details on all of our recreation options at the button below.

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