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What's Happening

Chef Jen Gilroy, owner of Daybreak’s Porch Restaurant, recently sat down with Utah Stories to share her passion for adding organic produce to the yummy creations on the menu. And the best part, the the produce is grown in front of the restaurant and in her own backyard.

Porch Restaurant

“One hundred percent of the heirloom tomatoes and peaches served at [the] restaurant this season will come from [Gilroy’s] garden as well as most of the shishito peppers and kale,” according to the article published by Utah Stories. “Sage, basil and oregano are always in plentiful supply, too. Specials highlighting items in smaller supply—like pears, rhubarb, Japanese eggplant, Mexican gherkins and okra—will also be spotlighted on the menu throughout the growing season.”

Porch serves up good comfort food. Located on the southwest corner of Daybreak’s SoDa Row, it takes a classic approach to Southern recipes and gives them a fresh modern twist. Then serves them along with craft cocktails, boutique wines and heaps of hospitality.  Get directions to Porch, here.

Read the full Utah Stories article to learn more about Porch and its sister restaurant Meditrina, here.