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What's Happening

Daybreak, located in South Jordan, UT is acclaimed as a national model for how to create a place that promotes healthy living, contributes to a strong economy, and enriches everyday lives. According to two separate reports released this month, Daybreak remains one of the best places to live in Utah and continues to rank as one of the top-selling master planned communities in the United States.

Group of people by Oquirrh Lake enjoying each other's company,

RCLCO: Top-selling Master-Planned Communities of 2019

RCLCO, a real estate advisory firm, has conducted a national survey identifying the top-selling master planned communities since 1994. Since the community was established in 2004, Daybreak has ranked in the Top 20 communities in the survey multiple times.  The 2019 report released earlier this month, ranks Daybreak at #9 in the nation and #1 in Utah, based on total home sales. Read the full article, here.

RCLCO 2019

John Burns: Top 50 Master-Planned Communities

Another leading research firm, John Burns Real Estate Consulting, released a similar annual report of top selling master-planned communities in which Daybreak was also ranked in the Top 10. Read the full article, here.

John Burns ranking 2019

Best Places to Live in Utah

Entering its 16th year, Daybreak has grown to encompass over 6,000 homes and is now home to over 21,000 people. During 2019, Daybreak maintained a record-breaking pace, selling 753 homes, an increase of 31% compared to 2018. By comparison to the other communities listed in the ranking reports (California, Florida, Nevada, etc.) the Salt Lake City housing market is much smaller.  So, it’s notable that a community like Daybreak can achieve sales volumes that are comparable to other master plans located in much larger population centers.

Although it’s one large community, Daybreak includes 12 smaller neighborhoods or villages within it that each cater to different lifestyles and life stages. This has created a place with a mix of architectural styles, and a wonderful mix of people who live here. It is also why 1 out of 6 new homes sold in the Salt Lake Valley continues to be in Daybreak.

Smart Growth

Daybreak has revealed a new pattern for growth in the Salt Lake Valley. It is quickly becoming a place where commerce thrives, where people feel a deep connection to nature and to each other. And where the careful conservation of energy, land and other resources gives our children the safe, healthy future they deserve.

With over 30 miles of trails, Oquirrh Lake in the Lower Villages, the Watercourse coming soon to the Upper Villages, and at least one park within easy walking distance of every home, Daybreak is really just one huge playground/gym/mediation studio. And with concerts, farmers markets and all the other events created by the dedicated LiveDAYBREAK team, Daybreak is a perpetual invitation to play together.

Performers singing at the Daybreak Summer Concert Series
Dancers performing during the Bollywood Festival in Daybreak.
People at the Daybreak Farmer's Market located on SoDa Row.
Daybreak residents enjoying the Drum Bus at Fizz Fest 2019.
Lanterns floating in Oquirrh Lake during the 2019 Lantern Festival.
Lanterns floating in Oquirrh Lake during the 2019 Lantern Festival.

The RCLCO and John Burns rankings aren’t Daybreak’s only recognition. In June 2019 the PCBC Gold Nuggets awarded Daybreak as the Master Planned Community of the Year and also gave merit honors to Daybreak’s SoDa Row district in the category of Best Mixed-Use Development. And in February 2019, the National Association of Home Builders named the Hub — the combination café, neighborhood pool and information center in Daybreak’s Upper Villages — as Best Sales/Information Center among entrants from across the U.S. and Canada.

Daybreak is a community made up of people from diverse backgrounds, and provides a variety of different types of neighborhoods, each with their own vibe. Explore Daybreak’s Villages & Districts to find the right fit for you.