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In 2020, Daybreak home sales soared with a 40% increase compared to the previous year. Entering its 17th year, Daybreak remains one of the best places to live in Utah and is frequently selected by people moving to Utah from out-of-state.

2020 was the year to pivot, relearn long division, embrace virtual communication and to buy a new home. It was also the year that many of us stopped to reexamine our priorities and realized how much our community shapes our lives, even if we can’t always see our friends and family in person on a regular basis.

Impacts of a global pandemic mixed with historically low interest rates motivated a lot of people to buy their first home, buy a new home that worked better for their new normal or relocate to a new state. In fact, Daybreak homebuilders sold 1,055 new homes in 2020 shattering previous records for any community in Utah. Historically high demand for new homes increased Daybreak home sales by 40% from the previous year and once again earned the community the honor of being one of the best places to live in Utah.

Family sitting on hammock at Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak. New Daybreak homes are in the background.

According to two separate reports released this month, RCLCO and John Burns Real Estate Consulting, Daybreak continues to rank as one of the top-selling master planned communities in the United States.

Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities

RCLCO, a real estate advisory firm, has conducted a national survey identifying the top-selling master planned communities since 1994. Since the community was established in 2004, Daybreak has ranked in the Top 20 communities in the survey multiple times.  The Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities report, released earlier this month, ranks Daybreak at #5 in the nation and #1 in Utah, based on total home sales. Read the full article, here.

Top 50 Top-Selling Master Planned Communities, Daybreak home sales 2020.

So…Why Do So Many People Want to Live in Daybreak?


Daybreak features all kinds of homes for all kinds of people. There are over 30 unique home collections and five different neighborhoods to choose from.

Daybreak home sales rose 40% YOY during 2020. Daybreak resident paddle boarding with new Daybreak homes in the background.

Walkability and the 5-minute rule:

Every home in Daybreak is located within a 5-minute walk of some kind of amenity whether it’s the lake, a park, a pool, or a neighborhood cafe

Daybreak resident walking her puppy on a brick pathway with Sego townhomes in the background.

Urban Vibe:

Even if you’re more of a backyard and white picket fence kind of person, those who live here enjoy Daybreak’s urban vibe with restaurants, shops, and light rail stations located right in the neighborhood. That vibe is getting kicked up a notch with the emergence of Downtown Daybreak located in the heart of the community.  

Two couples having dinner at an urban bar, The Break, located in Daybreak.

Real Community:

Daybreak has it’s own non-profit organization called LiveDAYBREAK that exists to help residents connect with one another through a variety of events, activities and other functions. These connections become long term friendships for many who are now living in their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th home in Daybreak.

LiveDAYBREAK Concert in Daybreak.


20 Years Bold

We’re commemorating two decades of Daybreak. Join us in taking a look back — and a look forward.

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