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Daybreak development updates: The Watercourse, The Spoke, Downtown Daybreak and more new homes. Big promises coming.

It’s easy to forgive the folks who, back in 2004 when Daybreak first opened, were a bit skeptical about some of our plans.

After all, who ever heard of an elementary school combined with a neighborhood pool, indoor running track, fitness center and community gathering place, the whole thing heated and cooled by geothermal energy? Who would have thought that TRAX would build two light rail stations in a brand-new community in South Jordan? And who would dream of creating a 67-acre freshwater lake with an island neighborhood in the middle?

Trail along Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak.
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Sunshine Home Tour | Daybreak Utah
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Daybreak residents riding their scooter to elementary school

Well, that would be us.

Over the years Daybreak has made good on quite a few large-scale promises:

  • We’ve given new homes the authentic charm, character and variety of Salt Lake’s beloved older neighborhoods.
  • We’ve created a network of trails that now stretches to over 30 miles and is still growing.
  • We’ve built so many parks (46 so far) that almost every home is an easy walk from at least one of them.
  • We’ve made Daybreak live like a real town, with shops, restaurants, schools, offices, a grocery store and other handy/tasty conveniences woven right into the community.
  • And as most everybody knows, we dug that lake, filled it with water and stocked it with about 200,000 fish. (If you find that hard to believe, just ask the people living on The Island.)

So what’s our point? Simply that history repeats itself.

With our original Lower Villages almost complete, our Upper Villages in full swing and Downtown Daybreak picking up steam, we’re now bringing to life some of the biggest, most exciting plans we’ve ever made. Think more healthy outdoor fun. More art, culture and foodiness. And more water. Here are a few Daybreak development updates to put a smile on your face.

The Watercourse

The Watercourse is getting closer and cooler. Work has already begun on the network of canals that will meander through Daybreak’s Upper Villages, creating new waterside trails, parks and beach areas, and giving Daybreak residents a new place to practice their paddle boarding skills.

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The Cove

The crown jewel of the Watercourse will be a place where all sorts of celebrations can happen along the shores of two lakelets. With a big open-air pavilion, a watercraft check-out and a cool new park.

The Spoke

The Spoke will be a series of bike experiences scattered along a half-mile stretch of The Loop: whale tails, berms, gaps, rock gardens and table tops. Best of all, the first section of The Spoke will be complete this summer and includes a world-class pump track designed and built by none other than Velosolutions of Switzerland, co-creators of the Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships.


Downtown Daybreak

Light rail. Outdoor hangouts. Good coffee. Urban-style homes. It’s all coming together in South Station, the first district of Downtown Daybreak. A lot is already here (the light rail, coffee and homes, for example), but more is coming. The new Daybreak Library is being built at this very moment. And eventually Downtown Daybreak will be a full-on urban center of offices, shopping, eateries and more.

North Shore Market

Harmons Grocery Store is coming to Daybreak. And it’s bringing its delicious healthy food and trademark customer service right to the shores of Oquirrh Lake. And that’s not the only thing planned for this little waterside marketplace. We’re picturing some fun boutiques, perhaps some handy neighborhood services and a restaurant with lake views.

All of which is to say, stay tuned. This is getting good.

*For very understandable reasons, a lot of people want new homes right now. Learn more about current market conditions and what to anticipate, here.